I have a american eskimo dog , and I give her yogurt for eating, that's good for her health ?

We have a 10 months old choco lab named as "CHAN". He has been recently diagnosed for gastritis. Vet has prescribed PAN 40 and Zinetac. The problem is, he is not taking any solid food for the past one week. But he is active. We are feeding him buttermilk, milk, ice cream, Almond resin, grapes etc., He usually loves his kibble, we have tried many things like rice and boiled egg, rice and boiled chicken but now he comes to his bowl, sniff and runs away. These were all his favorite food. The vet says it is usual that during summer, the pup which experiences the first summer will find hard to take up any food. Since we are having a dog for the first time, we are very much worried. Please help.

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