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I have been cheated by selling sick pup please help?

HI I HAVE BEEN CHEATED BY SELLING SICK PUP PLEASE HELP 10 days back a seller sold me a sick black labrador puppy. on the very next day when he got fever i took him to the vat he warned me that he could be suffering from distemper. i approached to the seller and told this thing he told vat is creating rumours and trying to charge more fees and suggested another vat but i told if something wrong happens than i will take another he told ok.i approached another one he told that now it is difficult to diagnose now and started treatment and finally he died and vat diagnosed that he was suffering from distemper that he got from seller's place now when i approached him he tried to ignore me and when i got agressive he told 50-50 we will bear. but i also spent 2100 on his treatment and sufferred lot of mental disturbance but he is not ready to bear 2100 amount.IS THERE ANY REMEDY UNDER CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OR ANY DECIDED CASE? what shall i do?
By vipin chawla · 02 Jun 2010 2:11 pm


By arindam · 15 Jun 2010 11:17 pm
Vipin, I can understand your agony. But unfortunately in India where human life is valued less there is any chance that you will get justice for a dogs life! I am sorry but this is reality. Please make sure that when you buy a puppy you are buying it from reputed breeders. They will cost more than the normal on going market rate but you will atleast take home a friend for life who will be ready to sacrifice his/her life for you and your family. Again, I know how it feels for a dog lover to see his/her friend goes away. I only hope and wish you will get a better puppy next time. But be sure to buy from a reputed breeder, check for papers, vaccinations pedigree...all the best!!!! - Arindam
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