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I have a bitch who is going to be 3 years this march, she is been pampered a lot,help?

I have a bitch who is going to be 3 years this march, she is been pampered a lot and treated as one of our important part of family.From puppyhood she sometimes rejects food and when we call her, she comes and sit infront of her feeding bowl and if we feed wit hfinger she accepts, since she was a puppy we encouraged and continued whenever she denies food, meantime we asked her vet also. He told she is quite healthy gal and has no issues but a lil gastric issues and sometimes she does this to get attention and its due to our over pampering. now also she is continuing the same character, actually we gets tensed when she didnt take food for a day, so we insist to give finger foods and then she readily accepts also. she is an eggterian pet and her food combo is toast+milk+1/2 cup rice+boiled egg+dates. she is very fond of dates and its her treat.She is very active in all her routines and very much playful and very punctual in all her activities. i would like like to have your suggestion how to make her food pattern normal and how often she should be fed and is there any issues if she didnt take food for a day.Please help
· 2010-02-20T17:25:30+0530 20 Feb 2010 5:25 pm


· 2010-02-20T17:55:37+0530 20 Feb 2010 5:55 pm
First, give her her normal food. Leave it out. Don't give her special treatment because this teaches her that if she doesn't eat, she gets treats. When she gets hungry enough, she'll eat.
The best answer is to exercise her and well, before you feed her, a well run dog is a hungry dog. she will eat from a bowl of you do not give into her OK. she just has to be trained to do it , she thinks eating from your hand is normal and acceptable behavior, she has to be taught it isn't.
She may even go a couple of days without eating and lots of crying and whining, as she knows no different, but do not give in here OK, she will eat when she is hungry.

Its going to be hard on you, and this is really about re training you as much as it is your dog, in the nicest possible way, please take no offense to that comment. Lots of exersice is the key and make sure she is drinking enough.
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· 2010-02-22T16:34:42+0530 22 Feb 2010 4:34 pm
its basically ur wish,
knowingly or unknowingly a habit has been infused ,
now if u wish to continue feeding OR u want to rectify is upto u
if yes follows the advice of Mr anil
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