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I have bought a new great dane puppy. Can you give me tips for growing him in a good way?

I have bought a new great dane puppy. Can you give me tips for growing him in a good way?
By siva · 28 Apr 2011 8:11 pm


By saurabh · 28 Apr 2011 11:29 pm
Hi Siva, congratulations for the new member of your family. Now as far as growth of this puppy is concerned, What is his age? There are a lot of issues while taking care of giant breed dogs (esp during first one yr). First of all you need to curb your excitements regarding how big your dog is going to be. C'ause this all depends on the lineage of the dog. If his parents are from champion lineage, he will assume a simm structure (Though exceptions are always there). Feed him only premium dog feed (if you r feeding him commercial dog food). Royal canin is good and despite having excess protein contents gives good results. Take care that your dog is not exposed to heavy exercise during puppy stage. These dogs though look big but are still very young and their bony skeletal is not mature. I would also recommend you to visit "Great dane lady.com", a lot of useful information is available there.
Cheers. Regards
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yashkant gaur
I need Great Dane female puppies?
By Anvesh · Buying a puppy · 18 Feb 2013 5:00 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I buy a kci reg.. fawn colour great den puppy . how mucvh price.
By SUMIT BHARDWAJ · Buying a puppy · 25 Jan 2012 3:37 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I have a great dane three month old male puppy if any one interested call me now
By shariq haneef · Buying a puppy · 10 Apr 2009 9:29 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
How can i train my 9 months old great dane puppy
By · Buying a puppy · 28 Mar 2008 3:16 am · Reply Now

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