Doberman puppy eating his own shit,please suggest?

I have a Doberman puppy of 3 months old, I am feeding him with pedigree, and other home diet also,but he is eating its own shit , even after eating fully, I used many tonics for calcium minerals and others but it dosen't work, please help me in this, Thanks in advance.
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In extreme conditions like drought, wild animals including canines may resort to eating their wastes to stay alive and this habit simply passes on to their next generation. This is very natural. But few points to note:
A) Don't leave his waste unattended. Pick it up with a scoop and dispose off as soon as possible.
B) Keep his deworming schedule uptodate.
C) Feed him calcium and multivitamins as long as he is a puppy.
D) Keep him under the supervision of a good veterinary.
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