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I have a Doberman he do not listen to any body at home. does he need a bitch or training?

i have a doberman named shadow, 2 years old. earlier he was very friendly. as he is growing old he is becoming very aggresive. he do not listen to any body at home. does he need a bitch or training?
By Prasenjit · 26 Feb 2009 11:19 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 27 Feb 2009 11:20 am
Your dogs is maturing and hence is testing his pack order or place in your family so far it seems that he has taken the dominant part and considers himself as the head. This is why one should not keep a dog breed without doing research about it and what its requirement are. Anyway.

First of all I dont know if you have done a obedience training with your dog. But if you have, you will need to further reinforce it and show the dog that you and your family are the head and not him. He is trying to scare you.

Know things to do:
- Do not feed him before you eat. feed him only after you all have eaten
- Before giving him his food, make him sit and only then give him the food. (that is if you have already done obedinence training)
- Do not let him run out first then you open the door. Make him sit on the leash and first you walk out and only then allow him to come out. Do not let him pull the leash and reinforce reel training.
- If your dog sleeps in your bedroom, stop that at once and dont allow him to sit on your bed etc.

Once the above is done and over some time you see an improvement then make sure that the entire family gives commands to the dog and he should obey. Thse dogs can be one man dogs and then it can be a proble m if you are not at home and the other family members have to make him do some thing.

In short I have tried to explain, but other wise there is lot of books and info on the net regarding the above behaviour. Its normal for guard breeds like dobs. etc. Just do what I have told you. Your dog is quite big hence do not hit him etc. you have to win with mind games and show him that you and your family are the pack leaders.

Do not get a female as it will worsen the situation. If you are unable to do the above then may be get a trainer if he is willing to handle a 2 yr old dob who may be aggressive. Also make sure he trains him in front of you and you take part in it with out hitting him. Let me know how it goes
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By Dr Shefali Gupta Agarwal · 27 Feb 2009 10:56 pm
Pet is like a kid. As it grows, it needs change. Earlier it was satisfied with small ball now it needs something more interesting. Its energetic, playful and inquisitive nature in absence of proper training and attention could develop vices and disobedience. Proper training, exercise, discipline, healthy habits and your loving attitude could help it become a nice dog. Behave more maturely and limit its do's and dont's.
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By Deepak · 05 Mar 2009 9:49 am
Dear PRASENJIT,I agree with Kasmanda, I also apply suggestions given by Kasmanda on my dog and realy they work.
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