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Can any one tell me how to deal with the situation i have?

I have a dog(indian spitz 1 1/2 years). I have to leave my home and go to another state for studies after one month. Whenever i go anywhere, my dog get depressed. May be its separation anxiety. Can any one tell me how to deal with such situation. What are the steps to be taken which make my dog comfortable in my absence. Note: My dog spends most of the time with me only. He used to sleep with me in my bed. Iam the one in whole family(also my mom) who he believes most. it is me who take him to walks daily and also on bike rides. --------------------------------------------------------- Any valuable suggestion was welcomed and i try my best to deal with........ Thank you
By Suraj · 26 Dec 2011 10:29 pm


By Navjot Singh · 27 Dec 2011 12:23 pm
Since you spend most of the time with the dog, taking him for walks, giving him meals, grooming him, etc, your dog has become very fond of you. It's just like human feeling, we do feel bad or awkward when somebody whom we've stayed for long leaves. This bond has given a sort of comfort zone to your dog which is rather bad. It's advisable that puppies should also be trained to live alone in house for a while and an adult dog can be trained to live alone in a house for as long as eight hours.
Depending on when you'll leave for another State, you must start making your dog to be accustomed to live without you being around in the house. You can start training him by leaving him alone for 15 minutes one day, 20 minutes another day, 30 minutes the following day and so on. When you return back each time, make sure you don't make so much fuss by greeting the dog, stroking him, treating him, as this will make the feeling of your returning so overwhealming that the dog would feel depressed everytime you leave.So behave very normal as if your leaving the house is a regular activity for your dog. You can also feed medicines which help normalise the behavioural patterns like anxiety, excitability, agression etc in canines. For this you can seek help from the Vet.
I'm sure this will help.
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By Elena · 27 Dec 2011 4:21 pm
since ur dog is also attached to ur mother as u mentioned, and she is going to be there when u leave, ask her to do all the feeding, taking the dog out etc. let her give him his favourive treats, toys, play with him. u try not to show much emotions to the dog now, but not neglect him completely. let it be some kind of a slow transition. to my experience, dogs usually don't sulk for a long time when the owner leaves, but try to chose another member of the family as a favourite person. he is young, he'll ajust to the situation..
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By Suraj · 27 Dec 2011 9:33 pm
Thanks for your suggestions, I will try to practice these. Actually i have heard of dogs commited suicide by not eaten anything since their master go away and died. One such case happened with my own aunt. So I was somewhat disheartened.
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