I have a female Bull Mastiff pup of 45 days. Her weight is 6kgs. Is this the ideal weight? Can I feed her cerelac?

I have a female Bull Mastiff pup of 45 days. Her weight is 6kgs. Is this the ideal weight? Can I feed her cerelac?

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Hi Christopher

Your pup has the right weight. We would suggest that you feed her Puppy starter food and Starter mousse in the diet. Many a times puppies develop lactose intolerance to the ingredients in cerelac.

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2015-07-19T10:36:28+0530 19 Jul 2015 10:36 am
Hi Christopher,You can feed her baby food. However you need to know that during the first six to eight weeks of life the puppy should stay with the mother and be allowed to nurse ad-lib. It is especially important they nurse from the mother. The mother鈥檚 milk provides the best nutrition and provides antibodies to help protect your puppy from disease. Sometimes it is not possible to keep a puppy with the mother for the first eight weeks such as when the mother develops eclampsia or mastitis. In these situations milk replacers and bottles especially designed for puppies can be found at any major pet store.Weaning your puppy to solid food should not be an overnight endeavor but should ideally take place over the course of two to three weeks. First select the brand of puppy food you intend to feed. Puppies have high caloric and nutritional needs and so the food selected should be a high quality brand of puppy food. Talk to your veterinarian for specific recommendations but generally the best puppy foods be a good source of protein, calcium and calories.Starting around four to six weeks of age begin introducing your puppy to puppy food by making a gruel by blending the puppy food with milk replacer. Offer the gruel three to four times a day gradually reducing the amount of milk replacee used to make the gruel. This way your puppy gradually learns to adapt to solid food and gastric upset is minimized. By around eight weeks of age your puppy should be eating solid food.By the way do you keep your pup in an AC environment? Can she tolerate the dry Delhi heat? Asking because I too would like to keep a French Mastiff, and Pondicherry is also very hot but with a high content of humidity.Are the parent's bred in India? Approx how much did she cost?Hope this helps.Thanking you in advanceKind RegardsDebashish Mukherjee(DiamondWarrior@gmail .com)
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