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I have female Labrador she is not eating anything, help?

I have female Labrador.her age is 2yr, on the due of deworming i gave her EZYPET tablet after that she lose her appetite .she is not eating any thing only drinking water .i showed her many doctors they gave many medicines(Hunger plus ,bayers tonic,AtoZ vitamins)but it does not work. she also had saline .its been 1month she is not eating any thing ,thatswhy i mash all food(roti,dal,milk,rice)then make small ball put into her mouth,and close it.this way she eat.please tell me how she will eat normally
By ajay sahoo · 11 Mar 2012 6:51 pm


By Patricia · 02 Apr 2012 9:10 pm
possibly the deworming medicine had some negative effect in her. If it has been 1 month without eating and the vets have not had any succes in treating her i strongly suggest u start using non conventional methods like homeopathy, because her condition can go worse. Theres an homeopathic veterinarian doctor in india u can contact him and ask him for suggestions regarding your case.... this is the website https://www.vethomopath.com
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By Kapil · 04 May 2012 12:43 am
hello Ajay it's kapil I have same prob. with my dog today I dose the blood test then doc. tels that my dog is suffring from lake of hemoglobin & animea so please do the blood test of your dog. in my case it's looks like a too much late.
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