I have a four month lab. She has been with me for 2 months. But still I am confused about her diet.

I feed her 2 chapatis or 2 spoons of cerelac in morning 6.30 am. Then at 10 am, I feed her 3/4 bowl daliya. Then at 2 pm, I feed her 2 chapatis and curd. At 6 pm in evening I again give her 3/4 bowl daliya. And then last meal is at 10 pm in night where I give her 3 chapatis and some pedigree. I am avoiding eggs as it is summer time. Please tell me is the diet I am giving to my lab okay or what changes I need to make. Thanks

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Hi Abhijeet

growing pups require adequate nutrition for a healthy growth. Instead of feeding your pup chappati and cerelac, we would suggest that you feed her puppy food (https://) that has been specially designed for growing puppies. The puppy food includes the right and balanced amount of nutrition that is required for a muscular, skeletal and overall growth.

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Dont feed chapathi or any bread or wheat its a cereal an is not good for dogs..raw food/home food is the best for dogs after 6 months.. pedigree royal canin an all other processed packed foods are made from secondary limits of food processing and are sprayed with fish oil to make dogs like the smell.. dog food available in stores is only good as a starter when ur puppies are at a age of 3-6 months after than home cooked food/ raw hide is the best for optimum health but always make sure not to include cereals in their diet(wheat,corn,rice too much) 15% bone 20% fat 50% protein 15% water is the basic rule followed by most experienced dog owners across the world..u can also include apple non citric fruits and vegetables such as carrot,spinach radish,potatoes etc to gain the other nutrients required in small quantities.. also dog vaccine should only be done the 1st year just like u get polio and other vaccinated only once after that its just the doctors trying to make money asking you to get ur dog vaccinated every year.. if u vaccinate every year it causes negative effect in your dogs immune system which is not required as the immunity system is already at full potential to avoid the basic diseases as far what the vaccination was supposed to build immunity for.. and also canned wet food is good but costly an dogs do like it so u can consider giving that as treat but dont feed dogs dog food after 6 months.. dogs who eat RAW food have proven to live a longer healthy life than the ones with complete dog food from stores
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just in case u r a vegetarian , try giving you puppy pedigree or royal canin milk and chicken flavoured in the morning . And try to decrease the number of times you are giving her food , because as they growup, their food quantity needs to grow...and labs gain a lot of weight easily....try to restrict to three meals a day along with some diluted milk or small knick knacks like fruits in between the meals.
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