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uggest some medicated shampoo for pug to treat ticks and fleas and for dryness of skin?

I have a four year old female pug. She got skin infection and black spots somewhere on her skin and itching on her skin. Although black spots ds'nt look like a serious problem, bt i am still worried about it. Can anyone suggest me for this. Also suggest some medicated shampoo for her to treat ticks and fleas and for dryness of skin.

By RUBY · 08 Oct 2014 2:41 pm


By Adnan A Khan · 09 Oct 2014 6:06 pm
1. Anti-dry : https://www.dogspot.in/antidry -dog-shampoo-honey-almond-200- ml/

2. Anti- parasites: https://www.dogspot.in/cisaflu x-shampoo-450-ml/

Due to moisture and change of season wrinkly dogs do get these sort of infections. If it stays for the next few weeks then consult vet.
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By Taylor · 11 Oct 2014 1:26 am
I think your pug is suffering from Black Skin Disease. Check your Vet for future information regarding treatment.
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By Kiran Chalke · 18 Oct 2014 6:59 pm
we had also faced similar problem with our lab, did all medications for 6 months but still no change, later we realised that it was because she would sleep on our bean bag which is not suitable and was causing her skin irritation. we simply got her a new bed and she has since been happy without any skin issues :)
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By yatendra gautam · 18 May 2016 8:53 pm
usevirbac-clinar-m-anti-tick-f leas-shampoo-200-ml Bayer Bolfo Anti Tick
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