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I have a German shepherd. He is 1 year old. And I want him to be on a vegan diet.

Can anyone please help me to create a vegan diet for my German Shepherd. At present I feed him 3 times a day with dalia . oats, milk, rusks, chappatis, vegetables, soya chunks, dal.

By Gurjyot Singh · 16 Apr 2015 10:49 am


By Admin · 18 Apr 2015 9:46 am
Hi Gurjyot,

We at DogSpot will not be able to suggest a vegan diet for your pup. However you can connect with Benovo Dog Foods (https://www.benevo.com/). Benovo has specially designed food that is suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Team DogSpot
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By LucifeL MartelL · 28 May 2016 8:23 pm
First of all when you get a Dog , understand that he is not human and you are responsible for another life. Humans are omnivores and dogs are not. In the wild they would technically hunt, but being besides humans for thousands of years might have given them some tolerance for Carbohydrates but in noway can you turn them into omnivores, let alone a complete herbivores. And if you try do do then it would be animal abuse where you are purposely subjecting an animal to abuse. Secondly , its irresponsible to want you's dog's diet to match your's when you are two completely different species. I have Brahmin friends who have domestic helpers parboil beef bone and meat with rice outside their house and feed their dogs. Others just choose branded dog food. If know you do care about your dog, because you are cooking for him, but please your care is misplaced. If you REALLY cared then you would do what is BEST FOR HIM. Dogs need at the least 50% protein in their every meal. Cats need more than 75%. The best dogs i have ever seen are the ones on Raw meat (ground) meat and with a healthy lifestyle.
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