My pregnant dog is not eating, help?

hi all i have got a pug which is 18 mnonths this her 2 nd litter i got it mated with a kci,champion male pug the problem now is she jumps a lot so a the suggestion from the doctors & experts i kept her in the cage.the movement i kept her in the cage her legs are getting toes are getting swolen up & some times little blood comes.she is now 30 days pregnant.even now at present she is not eating & some blood is coming from her uterus plzz let me know what to do ant experts,breeders get back to me with a solution plzz avinash 09032642235
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· 2011-10-03T08:48:15+0530 03 Oct 2011 8:48 am
contact vet asap. since she is bred at a vry young age and at 18 months is preggy second time.. best is to consult the vet. No breeder i guess can guide as its im-mature age to breed
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