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I have just adopted a 5 week old english cocker spaniel. I am a first-time dog owner, please help?

Hi, I have just adopted a 5 week old english cocker spaniel. I am a first-time dog owner, but I have been on the phone all day long with friends and family who have dogs to ensure I do what's best for her. I have a few queries, to which I have gotten conflicting answers from people: a. When will be the right time to deworm her? The vet said we should do it pronto. But everyone else said she is too young and it may cause liver damage. Who is right? b. Is it too early to potty train? c. My husband and I both work, so we leave her alone (the house is big so she has a lot of space to run around) for four hours in the morning, then i visit her at my lunch hour and then four more hours till i go home finally. Is this unadivisable? Should I look for doggy day care? Can anyone suggest a good place in gurgaon?
By sreetama · 16 Apr 2010 1:29 pm


By Ansh · 16 Apr 2010 4:01 pm
First Deworming should be done by now (should done at 1 month of age at 0.5ml/kg of weight of puppy.). As after deworming dosage of vaccination starts, then after 1 month next deworming should be done. Check internet of course intervals.
It is advisable to socialize the puppy and pass time with her/him as much as possible ,though 5 week old is too young to get apart from her mother.
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By Dinkar Singh · 16 Apr 2010 6:36 pm
One shud always do research before buying a pup as its is a responsibility. A pup should be atleast 7 weeks if not 8 weeks old when u get it home. If the breeder is nearby I wud suggest you requesting him to keep the pup for another few weeks.

Deworming and the 1st vacinations is generally done at around 6 weeks and then deworming shud be repeated after another 2 weeks.

For the first few months pups have a weak bladder and its not really possible for them to control it. What you can do is use paper in an area or spare bathroom and later on the pup can be trained to dirty that only, so when u r away it can relieve itself in a particular place rather than the whole house or just anywhere.

It is always advisable that someone is at home most of the time when u get a new puppy to make it comfortable and feel loved as it has just been separated from its mother and littermates. It is not wise to let the puppy run around free in ur absence. Close off a certain area in ur house for it say 10ft by 6 ft where there r no wire etc. Pups are naughty and will chew anything around and I dnt tghink u want a pups electrocuted. You need to puppy proof ur entire home and make it safe for ur pet. Also get some toys for it to play with.

It wud be better that u take a month off from work or so for the puppy to settle in and then may be ur husband, in turns

What are you feeding it.
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By sreetama · 19 Apr 2010 10:00 am
Hey Ansh and Dinkar,

Thank you sooo much for you replies. This is really really helpful.
She is actually 6 weeks old, that was a typo! I know its too early for her to be away but her mum has left the country with her owner. So, this had to be done. That said, we have been spending every waking moment with her for two weeks now. Third week on , I had to be at work. Even so, my friends and I visit her in the middle of the day and play with her to make sure she is exhausted
Dinkar: I have pet-proofed my house or I would never think of leaving her alone even for an hour let alone five hours! She has a whole lot of toys and is frankly a little spoilt!
We are feeding her Cerelac. But one day she snatched a pyera out of my hands and refused to give it up. When I tried to take it away from her she growled at me and hit me with paw. For someone so tiny she packs a mean punch! Lol.
The paper thing isn't working. I've tried. It's OK. We can try when she is a little bigger!
Ansh: Deworming and her first distemper vaccine has been done.
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By Kishen · 25 Apr 2010 9:49 am
just a couple of pt to rem.. ensure the ears dont get soaked or wet in the food/water.. dampness causes infection.. if you wish to you may star giving her dry food.. royal canine is the best.. you can soak this dry food for few hrs and then mash it and give it to her.. she'll enjoy it.. enusure you dilute the milk and give untill she is 5/6 months old.. concentrated milk causes tummy uspet..
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By sreetama · 26 Apr 2010 12:27 pm
Hi kishen,

Thank you so so much. Here's n update:
Lola has started RC once a day. Although, rapidly, she is totally abandoning cerelac (which was mostly made with water and little to no milk). She likes to chew and crunch the RC , I think it provide relief to her teeth. She enjoys it so much that she goes berserk every time she smells RC in the air! It's too cute to watch :)
I try to wipe the ears every time she eats, along with her face and every time she goes out. But it's a toughie.
Thanks so much u guys, Dogspot is such a life saver!
Now I am just looking forward to the end of her teething!
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