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How to control my 2 year old Labrador?

i have lab dog 2 year old? He is very naughty & very aggressive.we had trained him for 3 months from a dog trainer, by which he obeys the command. but use to make mess of the things like He tries to eat every thing like cloths,car mat,plants,running here and there very fast etc if not tied. we keep him free in the open space all the day then tied in the night after walk. me some tips for control
By princemanhas · 19 Feb 2012 10:12 pm


By Suraj · 19 Feb 2012 10:42 pm
Hi, your dog need some work out to exhaust his energy and for this reason only he uses his energy on cloths, car mat, plants, running here and there. Redirect his energy to other things like playing fetch with him, go for long walks/jog atleast 45 min. If there is any other dog near by allow both of them to play for some time in ground. After that he get exhausted and then i don't think he make any more mess around you.
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By Sadhish M · 21 Feb 2012 2:18 pm
Labrador retrievers have been the most popular breed of dog for several years. It's no wonder, because they have a well-deserved reputation as friendly, gentle, fun-loving dogs that are easy to train. Sadly, with such great popularity comes a few problems. Many people see the opportunity to make some easy money and start breeding dogs indiscriminately, causing health and behavior problems. In addition, some people adopt or buy the popular breed without regard to whether they are suitable owners. Hyperactivity is often a result of poor breeding and/or an inappropriate environment. It's not a hopeless problem, however, and there are steps you can take to help you keep up with your hyperactive Labrador.

Exercise your LAB. This is a must, and it cannot be put off because of rain, sleet, snow or heat. Your Labrador retriever must be completely tired out at least two times each day--three times daily is better--and this will continue into the dog's middle age at least. Completely tired out means the dog walks into the house and flops down for an hour's nap or longer. Its exercise should be a combination of leash walking and free play in an enclosed area; it needs both.

Keep the household schedule and routines as structured as possible. Dogs tend to be anxious if there is too much uncertainty in their routines, and anxiety often results in hyperactivity.

Find chews that your dog really loves--the kind that will make it lie down and chew for a good 30 to 60 minutes without a break. This may be large soup bones from the grocer, rawhide or other chews. Chewing is good exercise and relieves stress for dogs. Give real bones raw; cooked ones splinter more easily. Give rawhide only with supervision. Some veterinarians recommend rawhide, and others are against it. Supervision is always required, and you should discuss the pros and cons with your pup's veterinarian first. Buy a few Kong toys, fill them with peanut butter and other goodies and freeze them.

Play some indoor games daily in addition to the daily outdoor exercise. Tug is a great indoor game, especially when you are tired or want to watch TV. Just sit down comfortably and hold the tug toy while your dog pulls to its heart's content. Tug is a healthy game for dogs and does not cause aggressive behavior. Take advantage of your Lab's soft mouth and play Nerf fetch indoors, but keep the Nerf toy out of reach when not in use.

Teach your dog to play with puzzle toys. It has to learn to work the puzzle to get the treat to come out.

Include training time into every day. Teach your puppy as many words and commands as possible. The more its active mind is occupied, the better.

All the Best

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By Swetank Shukla · 31 May 2012 8:52 pm
I got a 3 yr old black lab... like all my other dogs, he's leashed only when out for a walk and NEVER tied. He's free to roam around the house. I second the other two suggestions given above. Labs are high in energy, they need to exhaust themselves by running around. Take them for long walks, trust me, they'll just be lying down calmly when they return tired, will be a good exercise for you too. My trick is to leave them on terrace in the evening and close the door, let them explore the terrace themselves, after half an hour or so, get your baby back.Dog chews, the sturdy ones are good, but cost an average of Rs. 20 a piece, they chew it when they get bored. Have something harmless for them to chew upon. Its' OKAY for them to chew. They too get bored and need something to entertain themselves... :-) Another trick from my hat, labs are "retrievers" and "genetically" programmed and bound to love the throw-catch-chase games, play with them, either a rubber ball or frisbee. Take an old thick cloth or a plastic rope and let them pull it to their heart's content. They connect to you best when you play with them. All the best... :)
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By Gaurav Tank · 07 Jul 2012 12:26 pm
Treat him like a human for 3days & you will see the difference. You just have to tell him that if he doesn't obey your saying then you will not talk with him & make him apart for sometime.. you will find him obeying you in days.
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