I have a Lab female she has a mating on 26th of March.What shoud i feed to her?

I have a lab female she has a mating on 26th of March.What shoud i feed to her after mating give me your reply. T have three choices 1.Royal Canin 2.Eukanuba Adoult Performance 3.Royal Canin Club And Also send what are the precouctions to take after mating.She is the Champion Quality Female.And The the dog i am matig with her is the Champion STAR o INDIA
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As per me treat your female as normal till about 5 to 6 weeks and starts to show signs of being pregnant. perhaps give her little calcium and vitamins. later on you will need to feed her smaller but 2 or 3 meals. No forced exercise just let her walk the way she wants to, but do not let her put on weight.

Her food has to be nourishing. Royal canin is good and Eukanoba is also quite good and cheaper.
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Please ask a vet on the same this is not the right place to expect an answer meant to be answered strictly by vets
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