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Can I give any additional home food either fruits or carrots or anything to my Lab pup?

I have a lab pup of 3.5 mths. I use pedigree (3-18mths) for 4 times in a day about 60gm each feed. When I discussed with the doc he suggested me to feed only 3 times/60gm/day & nothing in addition to it. The problem is my pup is very greedy, always on look out for more food & doesnt spare even my green leafy veggies grown at home. Can I give any additional home food either fruits or carrots or anything? Can any one suggest.
By Usha · 20 Jan 2011 3:08 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 20 Jan 2011 3:35 pm
As you give pedigree, the food what you give should depend upon the weight of the dog, please refer https://www.puppy.com.au/nutri tion/dry-range.aspx# and check the amount of food you gave mets the value mentioned in the chart. You can also give carrot, beans, apple, banana, radish and curd. You can also give two boiled eggs along with the food.
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By Dinkar Singh · 21 Jan 2011 11:41 am
Labs in general are very greedy dogs and that is why one sees so many overweight labs. Dont get taken in my his or her eyes etc and keep your pup on a proper diet with no tit bits being fed inbetween. generally all dog food companies have a feeding guide on the pack based on age breed etc.

If you dog puts on too much weight then it can have health and growth problems so take it seriously and feed only at meal times.
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By deekshith · 21 Jan 2011 3:15 pm
ofcourse cuz its hungry its not greedy 180grms a day? :S meh thats low if you ask me i have a gsd pup when she was 3 months she needs 280grams of royal canin RC has special lab diet why dont you check it out on the pack how much she needs thats just for an example i suggest you feed it too :S than pedigree my pup is now 7months the problem with pedigree i noticed that she was getting tired after few mins of play when fed pedigree when she was on royal canin she had lots of energy :S what ever you feed atleast feed 230 grams
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By nikhil salunke · 21 Jan 2011 5:29 pm
i have a lab for eleven years!! yes they are greedy but don't keep ur pet hungry. 180gm is insufficient food. so please give him more food after reading a pack. secondly, ripe banana,carrot is a good diet for them. dal soup,paneer ka pani,curd at room temperature is harmless and nutritious.
by:bharti 21st jan
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By priyankar · 28 Feb 2011 2:27 am
please give your dog 4 times meals till 6months . You can conslut with some others vet or senior members here.It sud be atlest 240 - 250 gm per day
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yashkant gaur
How many times a day should I feed my 4 month old lab puppy ?
By Suresh R · Buying a puppy · 02 Mar 2013 5:15 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I want buy lab puppy i am in pune. I am student so where i found min price renge male or female puppy?
By mayur · Buying a puppy · 08 Feb 2013 8:02 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My 3 year old lab has stopped taking food since yesterday afternoon.He is vomitting out water though his faeces seems ok.Also, he is shivering a lot.h ... Read More
By sudipta · Buying a puppy · 02 Jan 2013 8:37 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
I hav black lab puppy of 30 days old. what food shall i give him. and how to train him to do waste outside the home
By chandru · Buying a puppy · 13 Aug 2012 2:22 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi. My 3 month old lab pup still passes urine all over the house even if i scold or wack. The habit of doing it at one particular place has not yet ... Read More
By Sujeethra · Buying a puppy · 02 Aug 2012 9:49 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My lab puppy is scared of crackers when she hears cracker sound she is going under bed not at all coming out !! she is not eating ! why ?
By ezhil · Buying a puppy · 19 Mar 2012 8:36 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Mere paas 2 lab puppies hain. One male& one female 2 months old . what problems i can face for their puppies like disease, reproduction, heat& diet . ... Read More
By raghavbatra · Buying a puppy · 12 Mar 2012 12:33 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Thank s a lot to all of your support for my queries to solve. Now I take another lab male puppy of 40 days .he is very energetic and sweet take him fr ... Read More
By DEBRAJ · Buying a puppy · 08 Mar 2012 1:45 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Im always asking questions !! sorry guys dunt feel irritated of me !! my lab puppy is six month aged female !! still she didn't get first heat ! can ... Read More
By ezhil · Buying a puppy · 29 Feb 2012 9:57 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Dear friends, I am going to adopt a 1month LAB male puppy, but I am afraid regarding his food . please suggest me 1.what I have to provide h ... Read More
By DEBRAJ · Buying a puppy · 28 Feb 2012 10:41 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
My Lab pup (7mths now) has food aggression towards my 7 yr old kid.When he is chewing something and my son goes near enough he growls and bites as wel ... Read More
By phoebe · Buying a puppy · 23 Jan 2012 12:43 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
By Thomas · Buying a puppy · 07 Dec 2011 8:10 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi All, i am planning to have lab puppy. i am not sure on how to select a good puppy. how to identify that it is a pure breed ? I contacted one guy ... Read More
By Rudra · Buying a puppy · 09 Nov 2011 12:22 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hello friends am having 4months old lab puppy i used to giv him non veg food frm his 3rd month...i used to give him boneless ... Read More
By vignesh · Buying a puppy · 15 Aug 2011 4:00 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi all, Need some help.. I have attached the photo of my dog - https://www.dogspot.in/dogs/kaaya-labrador-retriever/ can you please let me know..is s ... Read More
By Pankaj Ramesh · Buying a puppy · 18 Jul 2011 11:16 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi friends, I am having 3months lab puppy. I used to leave him in back of my house and I provided him house but my problem is during afternoon he is s ... Read More
By vignesh · Buying a puppy · 12 Jul 2011 8:31 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hi guys, My Lab puppy, now 4 month old, had ticks when I brought him home. As recommended by the vet I bathed him with Venky's Fur Free dog ticks sham ... Read More
By Navjot Singh · Buying a puppy · 10 Jul 2011 1:10 pm · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hey friends, I am having 60days old lab puppy. I want to put stud for him.Shall I pierce his ear or should I use magnetic stud? Using stud will be an ... Read More
By vignesh · Buying a puppy · 01 Jul 2011 6:34 am · Reply Now
yashkant gaur
Hey friends, my lab puppy is 50days old. He having diarrhea and vomit. Today he vomit two times and I gave him mashed chicken with rice yesterday. In ... Read More
By vignesh · Buying a puppy · 22 Jun 2011 6:10 pm · Reply Now

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