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I have a Lab which is 2 months old how can I train him not to urinate inside the house?

HI all, I have a lab which is 2 months old.... I have to take him out 10-15 times a day for urination inspite of that sometimes he urinates inside the house itself... especially he shouts at 4:00 am ...... is there any possibility to reduce his urination (I have seen many pets urinate two times a day ie. in morning and evening) or how can I train him not to urinate inside the house... pls tell me..
By Naresh Jayasimha · 30 Jul 2009 9:51 am


By Dinkar Singh · 30 Jul 2009 11:28 am
Your pup is like a baby at this age. As he becomes bigger it will become better. After every meal take him out and keep him out till he does not do both his jobs and after his sleep, that is when every he gets up from his sleep and also after play time. He will generally do the big job after meals only.

By doing the above your problem will be reduced a bit, but like I said it will take a few more months till he is completely potty trained and also till then they have weak bladders like human babies.

Another good idea will be get a pen for him where you can put him at night or to sleep with his bedding. In that case he will make a noise when he wants to dirty as generally dogs and animals do not like to dirty where they sleep.

All the best
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By Runni · 31 Jul 2009 2:05 pm
Your pup is too young to hold his bladder...So this is most natural..
Do exactly the way Kasmanda said...i.e build up a routine...
My pup (5 month old) still wakes up at 5.30 in the morning & goes to the toilet!!! When he was 2 month old he used to wake up 3 times in the night & every time he used to urinate!!! You are lucky that your pup wakes up only once...
Toilet training took me around 1.5 month...While training I used to restrict him in his bed so that he had to make a noise to alert me. And of course I had to wake up & take him to his toilet area and wait till he was done. So that way I tried to make him understand that he would have to wait till I let him out. Now he just comes to my bed at 5.30-6.00 in the morning & starts to lick my feet, that his signal.
He still urinates a lot, but does the big job only twice. Once in the morning around 7.30 and then in the evening around 7-8.
Try to make him understand that you must be present while he urinates. I used to catch hold of him after every meal & sleep time & carry him to his toilet place. I also kept a cloth dipped in his urine at that place to tell him that this is his toilet place. And of course, reward him as soon as he relieves himself at tha proper place. This works like wonder.
All the best.
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By Naresh Jayasimha · 31 Jul 2009 11:58 pm
thanx 4 ur advice frnds,
Hi Kasmanda, above u told dat "dogs and animals do not like to dirty where they sleep", but my pup will urinate in her bed itself.... is there any other way to control dis or how can teach her that i should present with her when she urinates?
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By Dinkar Singh · 01 Aug 2009 8:36 am
Look she is too small to control her piss. She like a baby, babies also dirty in there diapers or in bed. At this age they can control a little bit only. Generally if you are vigilant, the pup will make a noise and that means it wants to piss etc and it should be take to the garden or where ever immediately. Its all part of dog keeping, hence it is said its not easy to keep dogs and bring pups up.

I have a 4 month pup right now staying in my room as she is too small to stay with my other dogs and she is still pissing all over, but that is also because its monsoons here and I cannot take her out in the rains and when it is clear I take her to the gardens and at times she refusing to do anything and the moment I bring her in she pees. So its a time taking process, which will be easier for you as u do not live in the hills. So be patient and all will be ok. Nothing happens overnight so remember that even when the pup grows older and you try training it. The key is patients and persistence.
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By Runni · 01 Aug 2009 9:40 am
Yes pups do soil their beds. I also had the same problem which Kasmanda is facing right now. My pup would not pee at the proper place no matter how long I waited, but as soon as he was in he would pee!! This continued to happen for the first 15 days. Then I shifted to reward method, i.e give a treat to your pup as soon as she relieves herself in the proper place. Remeber that you must give the treat the very moment she is done, not after coming back in. This method worked like wonder in my case & I hope it will help you out too.
But of course even this will take time, so be patient.
Also clean the area inside your house immediately if she pees at a wrong place, bcoz dogs like to pee at a place where they have done it earlier. So if you dont clean it up she will continue to pee inside.
You can also encourage her to pee at a desired place but putting a cloth/paper soiled with her urine at that place.
Also look of signs she gives when she wants to pee, like sniffing extensively & circling an area. Pick her up immediately & take her to the proper place. You can also associate a command like "do it" or "go potty", just keep on saying it in a low & smooth voice until she is done.
These are all my personal experiences....hope they will be useful to you. best of luck.
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By Naresh Jayasimha · 05 Aug 2009 7:53 am
thanx kasmanda & retina i'll defnitely follow ur advice....
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