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My labrador smells very bad, please help?

I have an labrador male one and half year old. From last one month a bad smell coming out of him. I gave him bath with good dog shampoo(Petswill) at the interval of 15 days but the smell comes again from next day of bath. Also he is scratching himself all the day, there is no hair fall or shedding. Please someone suggest the remedy for this. Manish
By Manish Gupta · 08 Sep 2011 11:47 am


By nikhil · 08 Sep 2011 1:49 pm
check for fleas,ticks and mange and even deworm him many of the skin problems are directly related to the stomach , what r u feeding him try avoiding too much grains in his food and give him plain yogurt, avoid giving anything with sugar .
sometimes the itching is also due to allergies try adding 1 capsule of sea cod oil or a teaspoon of fish oil to the diet a gentleman told me this and it worked out for my dog ,the body odor is mainly a result of bacteria or yeast infection try some anti fungal shampoo an organic neem based , but i think the change in diet should work .
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By CHAN · 08 Sep 2011 1:53 pm
Hello Mr.Gupta,
I already had this problem in my GSD. I use Pet Hex shampoo( bath twice a week) it reduces the infections on skin and give him a necomec tablets one tablet/day continue this for 3 weeks. It will Works soon.
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