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I have loved dogs ever since my childhood I have decided to start with a kennel,help?

I have loved dogs ever since my childhood. Over the years have kept a number of dogs and finally I have decided to start with a kennel/ dog breeding business of my own. Since now I am independent, have a very supportive wife, I think it it????s the right time. Not to forget that my kids are also very fond of dogs. Characteristics pass down the generation through genes. Although, I am yet to decide about the breed, the kennel from where I would get my pups and all that but I am starting a kennel that????s for sure. I have been pondering over this idea for the last couple of years and my resolve has become even stronger. I have met a lot of people, interacted over the net and phone and the response/reaction was very discouraging. Why is this so? People import dogs for breeding purposes, buy dogs as costly as 50k-60 k, what for? Only for the sake of their hobby? No not possible. This business like every other business can be run ethically and fairly and still one can make money out of it. I understand breeding is a lot more than mating and then there are costs involved like c-section for the bitch during the time of delivery, vet bills etc. but then costs and risks are very much part of every business. One can play a fair game and still be able to make some money from dog breeding. I seek advice from serious dog breeders regarding the breeds to start with, from where to buy the pups/ dogs for my kennel, initially etc. I am from Meerut (UP) and teach management. So dog breeding is not going to be a bread earner for me. Request is to kindly help and support me Rgds, Abhay
By abhay · 14 Feb 2009 12:07 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 14 Feb 2009 5:35 pm
Abhay, I would suggest that you keep 01 show dog first and then see how its like and the responsibility and training. Why people say is more a hobby for dog lovers rather than business, there are various reasons. You teach management hence you will understand better about business and profitabilty and return on your investment. I too am a management person and in short I will try to explain. Now if you take a dog, it will live for say 12 odd yrs, but will and should be breed ideally at 2 yrs of age. Then you should not breed every 6 months and should give the female a break, after a certain age she will not or should not be breed due to age factor. Take a medium to large breed for example Rottweilers, since I have been showing them in the past and occasionally breeding them. the cost of maintaining the dog properly is high, not to mention it is a full time job and requires a dedicated person and if its you only then say bye to family holidays etc. The productivity time/ years is comparitively less.

Then is the question of the quality of your dog/ pup. It may not turn out to be a good specimen worth breeding then what do you do, even though the parents were champions etc. If you love dogs truly you will not be able to sell her after 1 yrs or give her away as you will get attached to it. The puppies you have will need proper care and food which is expensive. To sell your pups at a good price their parents should be Champions etc, hence you will need to travel and show your dogs. The cost of travel and stay. Its not cheap.

The above are some basic points and keeping that in mind I dont feel it is a good business rather a hobby which might break even or may not even. Yes, people are trying to make it into a business and are doing so also, but they are not dog lovers and are doing it and would sell or kill a dog if it does not make money after a point. Its like all sorts of people do business like selling grains or cars, but one generally tries to go to good shops who are genuine and good stuff, but there are still people making profit by using unethical ways of doing business. It happens in all areas/ sectors of business.

All the best.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 14 Feb 2009 5:45 pm
Please keep one thread for one question. I guess this thread is alive in this Q&A section already
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By abhay · 02 Mar 2009 10:52 am
Thank you very much for all the support and suggestions. I had finally decided for either pug or beagles to start my kennel. All these days had been reading a lot about these breeds. I wanted to ask whether breeding a pug is easy or not, compared to other breeds. Is it true that pug as a breed is a very sensitive breed? I also read that Pugs quiet often require c-section for delivery. Is it true? . Plz advice.
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By Dinkar Singh · 02 Mar 2009 6:09 pm
Yes. You are right regarding the c section, this is due to the head size and hence at times if not mostly it has to be done. Also pugs can have a lot of health issues specially in a place like India due to the heat. They also suffer from skin problems. Just because its very common does not mean its a very healthy breed. Plus due to is popularity there are a lot of people breeding these dogs, hence a lot of supply as compared to demand. If you still are doing ahead then please let a very good pedigree dog/ dogs. Beagles too have become too popular now.
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By Kamzys Boxers · 20 May 2009 2:16 pm
As per my knowledge goes, its better for you to start of with Labrador Retrievers. This breed is a safe bet. You can look at procuring one champion stud male from Mr. Vidya Ratan, who is a well known breeder. Link attached for more info: https://www.vidaneskennel.com/ labrador.html

You can contact Vidya Ratan on:09358428388 or 91-121-2642925
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