Planning to buy a female Chihuahua, help?

I have a male chihuahua who turns two years in December. He tries to hump on other people's legs. I am looking out for a mate but the breed is rare and im unable to find the same breed to mate him with. I was suggested about other dogs but it is difficult to find a female of his size. [He is the size of a cat] I dont want to mate him with any other breed, i was thinking of buying a female chihuahua. But there are some questions that bother me, do they mate anywhere at anytime? I have 4 small children in the house so i dont want them to see this. What happens when the female has her periods? Is it a good idea to get the female?
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Purvi, You can understand how frustrated your dog is, he's gonna be two year old and has not been mated yet. This behaviour is very normal. I'm not sure where you are based in India. There's a woman called Elena in Dogspot based in Gurgaon who's breeder of small breeds and am sure she also deals with stud service for Chihuahua. You can advertise on a local newspaper's classified looking for a female chihuahua in your city. I'm in Delhi and most Kennels here also deal with stud service. So you can also check with local kennel. You can use Just dial sevice to look for any breeder in or near your city.
I feel you should have anticipated this problem in the past and if you had neutered him in time, you might not have been in this situation.
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2011-11-09T22:10:27+0530 09 Nov 2011 10:10 pm
Thank you. I am based in Ahmedabad. Actually i have never had a dog before, this being my first dog i am quite ignorant about many things. though the pet shop people are very supportive but i am very anxious about this dog. Any ways, Thanks for the help.
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2011-11-09T23:13:25+0530 09 Nov 2011 11:13 pm
hi Purvi! and hi Navjot! i am that very "woman called Elena in dogspot based in gurgaon" and i do have some experience with small breeds like chihuahua and russian toy terrier.
Purvi, it is clear from ur question that u have never had breeding dogs. is this case i would not advise u to start with breeding chihuahua. it is difficult and involves a lot of risks. there is a lot of information online about chihuahua breeding, toy dogs breeding, etc. while developing the toy breeds people chose not the fittest, but cutest ones, trying to create tiny creatures with large heads and baby faces, in the process the natural reproduction instincts also suffered. sometimes these dogs cannot mate without human manual assistanse. they have small litters - usually 1-3 puppies - of relatively large size, often with a large round head. it creates problems for the female during whelping. sometimes natural delivery is not possible and caeserian section is required, which also does not garantee that the mother and puppies survive. recently i lost a young female and her puppies during whelping in spite of the timely medical assistance...
ur male is pretty normal. he may live his whole life happily without mating at all, just displaying this behaviour occasionally. but if u allow him to mate just once, he'll become much more concerned about this part of life and will look for more opportunities especially if there is a bitch in heat around. he will mark his territory - urinate - more, might become more aggressive towards other, bigger dogs, which is potentially dangerous for him as he does not realise that any bigger dog is much stronger and can hurt him.
if u r ready to take risk, try to get a female larger in size than ur male. but first read all the information available about dog reproduction in general and toy dog breeding in particular. it will help u a lot to take the decision.
if u have any other questions u r welcome.
as for stud services - here i cant help as i am in delhi. try to advertise or call the nearesr kennel club, they might help u.
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By Navjot Singh 2011-11-10T11:04:07+0530 10 Nov 2011 11:04 am
Hi Purvi. There are pet-shops that do run puppymills. But there are few who are professional and exhibit good ethics. I know few in this city. I'd not mind if I mate my Labrador from stud service offered by a pet-shop as long as I observe the dogs are kept in a humane condition and are given due vetinarian assistance. You can also check with petshops in Gujarat if there're in touch with any chihuahua breeders. I'm sure they will be. There are breeders who supply dogs across India.
Also, I don't think you are an ignorant dogowner. Raising an exotic breed like Chihuahua does require a lot of expertise and it's not everone's cup of tea. So, I'd first say- Hats off to you.
Secondly, could you check with your vet if you could get him neutered?? My knowlege says neutering is a good to go for your dog. You have two advantags in your favour - 1) he's not been mated yet. 2) He's two year old so he's gain all physical growth that the breed requires. Both these two factors makes neutering very conducive for your dog. If you think, he's displaying sexual behaviour which is beyond your tolerance, I'd encourage you to go for neutering. I'm signing off with a good article about neutering written by Caesar Miller- /basics/spay-and-neuter-myths. If required any assitance then let me know, am available on facebook-https://www.facebook. com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id =1505642022
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By gautam sawant 2011-11-11T21:35:13+0530 11 Nov 2011 9:35 pm
neutering the dog would be the better option as it will stop the natural urge of your dog to mate
also it would be beter then finding a female mate regularly
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By purvi 2011-11-13T14:39:54+0530 13 Nov 2011 2:39 pm
Thank you for all the help and tips.
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