I have a mix breed- Labrador, she is 9-years-old, spaying/neutering her for protection against pyometra?

I have a mix breed- Labrador, she is 9-years-old, never mated or had pups. She is on a home based diet since with us as prescribed by the vet. Takes supplements merikal pet briskit, one every alternate day and nutrisam one everyday for calcium and mineral respectively. Seems normal with regular de-worming (drontal plus) and vaccination (8in1, Canine Corona virus, defensor-3 for rabies) only this year it was (9IN1 - VANGAURD PLUS 5L4, Raksharab for rabies and no Coronavirus, as he said that the quality of that is bad in the market hence he did not administer the Canine Corona virus) Is my dog completely safe without Canine Corona virus Vaccine, this year ? Should i consider spaying/neutering her for protection against pyometra? If yes kindly suggest the cost in Ahmadabad ? and can there be any complications of the operations at this age ?

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Anupam, I'd suggest you to follow your Vet's advice. However, in Winter Kennel Cough is very common in dogs. It's very contagious as well. There is vaccine available which can give about 70-80 percent immunity against this disease. You can speak to your Vet if this vaccine can be administered on your dog. Yes, you should neuter your dog. If you are not into breeding, it's best for you to get your pet neutered. Your dog will lead a normal life. Neutering will out rule the risk of pyomtera. This surgery is not very expensive. In Delhi, it will cost about 2.5 to 3 k. But, if you go to a Veterinary college in your city or any animal hospital, you may have to pay even less money.
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