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How do i get my Lab to potty and pee ouside?

I have a near 5 month old lab puppy. Unitil now, I could not take him out for his pee and potty activities, as the doc had advised us to wait till his vaccinations were completed. We had, therefore, successfully trained him to use a designated part of the house for pottying and peeing. Now that his vaccinations are complete, i want to take him out for these activities. However, he comes out only to play and have fun, and prefers to potty and pee only in the house, in his designated place. How do i get him to potty and pee ouside?
By Rashmi Pandit · 06 Feb 2010 9:44 am


By Runni · 06 Feb 2010 10:17 am
Thats obvious as U have trained him to do so...but surely u can teach him to go potty outside....it will take time & u will have to be very consistant & patient....and plz, no scolding/slapping if he does them inside while u r training him...that will only make him scare & he may develop a habit of eating poops so that u dont see them...
1st make that spot unavailable to him, clean that area to remove all strains & odour...use some disinfectant/cleaner with strong odour to musk his urine odour....dogs generally like to pee at the same spot, so they sniff before peeing....
Then, after every meal, play session, nap taking him out immediately without letting him go to his current toilet place...stay out till he does the job....give him a treat as soon as he pees.....must do this everytime we eats or wakes up....
Also dip one paper/cloth in his urine & place it outside ur house...take him directly there for toilet...that will encouarge him to use that spot
Always look for some signals like extensive sniffing, circling a spot...these r signs that a pup wants to pee/go potty...take him outside immediately..
Most importantly, under no circumstances allow him to use him current toilet place(inside ur house) & always give him a treat after he does his job outside...
best of luck...he will learn...
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By shreyank · 06 Feb 2010 7:39 pm
thanks, runni... evn m facin a similar prblm wid my lab.. vl try dis n thnk dis shud help.. r u a proffessional? askin dis coz i always c ur answer in questions based on trainin difficulties....
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By Ravinder · 06 Feb 2010 10:03 pm
Just don't give him free access to the potty area within the house. And take him out when u're expcting it to be the 'time'.
Even when we're dealing with younger pups, u cannot give them free reign around the house, since they will pee or poop when they r unattended.
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By Runni · 08 Feb 2010 9:22 am
@shreyank: Most welcome & do try the tips, ur pup will surely learn.....and I m nt a professional...just did a lot of gogling on training methods & tested them to train my 11mnth old gsd pup....so I try to help others with my little experince that I gained while raising my pup....
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By Rashmi Pandit · 08 Feb 2010 7:44 pm
Thanks a ton for the advice. It is already working.

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By shreyank · 09 Feb 2010 2:20 pm
workin for me as well!!
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By Runni · 11 Feb 2010 9:39 am
Oh...glad to know I could help...best of luck....if u have any other training problem then feel free to scrap me
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