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I have a Neopolitan Mastiff, and it has a butterfly ear ,can I take it to the dog show?

I have a Neopolitan Mastiff, and it has a butterfly ear (one ear just stands up),Can I take it to the dog show? Have been asking many people some say Yes and some say No..Bit confused...I am not sure whom to ask or am not finding a proper website which talks about the ears for the show. My question is "What are basic things we need to look at when taking a dog to the dog show in Karnataka". Second Question: "It doesn't eat anything" Took it to the vet and he says the dog looks absolutely fine....Mastiffs generally eat a lot...But this just eats for its survival.....I am ready to feed it but it is not ready to eat....Can somebody suggest me.....Gone through various website for different dishes....none of them helped....
By Koteshwar · 22 Oct 2008 11:44 am


By shharat sharma · 23 Oct 2008 12:12 am
Both your problems need a systematic approach. First about the ears. I am not sure what you mean by 'butterfly ear'. Does the ear in question have the tendency of turning upward? If so, does this happen after the dog shakes its head vigorously? Is the ear of correct shape or does it have one or more folds? If it has folds the ear will have the tendency to turn upward. I don't know of any permanent solution to this problem but there have been cases where folds have been creased out by such methods as taping or applying a light support on the inside of the ear. Once the ear regains the normal shape it will hang normally. How old is the dog? because such solutions work best on pups. About taking the dog to shows. Obviously shows are meant for specimens closest to the ideal. But the judge examines your specimen in totality. So in case your dog is overall a good specimen you could still take him to the shows becuase a fly ear is not desirable but it is not necessarily a disqualification. It depends on the severity of the fault.
As regards the dogs appetite. You have not mentioned what you are feeding the dog. If it is a mix of dog food and home cooked meals, there is every possibility that the dog prefers one over the other. In such cases, dogs eat the preferred meal only and leave the rest. Secondly, as long as the Vet feels that the dog is in good health there is really no need to over feed it.
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By Koteshwar · 23 Oct 2008 11:42 am
Hi Sharat,
Thanks for your quick response.
Yes the ear have the tendency of turning upward and yes after it shakes it head, it stands up for a while. What I could notice is that the left ear is properly placed and the right has a small lump which makes the ear stand up.....it is not all the time......My bitch is 6 months old.....contacted few breeders..some say it can cropped and taped and some say this is not the age to crop it can only be taped and some say neither can be done.
I have not seen much of Neos..coz very few have it in my locality. The dogs shown on the net are quite similar to my bitch. Many breeders say it is very very skinny and needs to put on weight. I am ready to feed it but it doesnt eat..I bought the dog when it was 5 months old....had a boxer initially, when I gave away the boxer, neo stopped eating food....it only eats for its survival....its coat has lost its shine....The vet says its fine......but other Neo breeders say it should put on weight. About the feeding.......
Morning: 1/2 ltr milk, 250 gms of Pedigree (now one loaf of bread)
Afternoon : 150 gms of chicken / liver / beaf with smashed rice
Night : Same as afternoon
I used to give Ciplactin which increases its hunger along with Liver 52...Even then it used to eat little....So I am not sure if that is the capacity it can eat or it is just eating for its survival..According to my knowledge they can eat a lot, but this one doesnt eat at all. My friend gave me a suggestion to just feed it twice a day and not thrice...I have taken his suggestion and have started feeding twice from today...so need to check....Kindly give me your email address so that I can send u my dog pics...if u can tell me if the dog is skinny.
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By Admin · 23 Oct 2008 12:31 pm
Shharat Said:

I have gone though your mail. Looking at the photographs the bitch does not seem skinny. The Neo is a 'head breed'. i.e. it is supposed to have a massive head. The placement of the ears and the manner in which the ears fall depends largely on the width of the skull and its flatness. Your bitch ( and this is purely based on photographs) could have better width of skull and that could have given better fall of ears.

About cropping. Yes! in my opinion she is past the age for cropping. Cropping as you are aware involves cutting of the cartilage and it is painful. So I don't think this is the best time for cropping. I cannot make out the nature of the lump from the photographs but a good vet should be able to tell you whether the lump is impacting the ear carriage.

About her diet. I firmly beleive that dog food should not be mixed with fresh food. Secondly, milk is not part of the natural diet for dogs. Their digestive system does not take well to milk. Bread also is not the best meal since it contains too much yeast and carbohydrates. The only protien I can se in your diet chart is the 150 (300) gms of chicken again served with high carbo rice. Try and serve only two meals. The food should be served at room temperature and always fresh. If the dog does not show interest in the food it should be removed and nothing served till the next meal. Also try some other dog food brands maybe she finds them more palatable.

It is also not clear when she was de-wormed last. Coat condition has a lot to do with the status of internal and external parasites.

How much time does she spend with you ( i.e.) free without a chain). She could be terribly lonely if left alone for long periods of time. Does she get enough free exercise ( run in the park for eg.). These are just some of the aspects you need to check...
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By Gaurav · 23 Oct 2008 1:58 pm
This is truly an excellent discussion, becuase it has cleared some doubts in my mind as well!!!
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By Koteshwar · 23 Oct 2008 4:06 pm
Hi Sharat,
Thanks again for your quick response.
a) So..what is the best thing I can do to increase the width of the skull and for the ears....coz I want to take her to the dog show.....(is it a good show quality bitch according to the photo, you can be frank with your answer).

b) I am trying to give her only two meals.....but she feels hungry early in the morning (the time I used to give breakfast) and I cant see her crying in hunger. She loves bread and pedigree (professional quality)....but cant either at all times....because I have read a lot about commercial food and it is highly suggested that fresh cooked food is better than any commercial food. I dont know when she was dewormed in the past.....but I have dewormed her last week.(I have had her only from the last month) She does have dandruff on her skin and she is shedding a lot. The vet has given a shampoo and some powder which may improvise it.

c) Frankly speaking she doesnt spend much time with me. I take her for a long walk in the morning and is with me till 10 in the morning and the next time I meet her is at 9 in the night and it is with me till atleast 11..But yes I think she is terribly lonely coz she was always with a playmate from her birth. I play with it in the morning, not for a long time coz many websites (and also my friends) say that it shouldn't be given more running unlike other dogs.

Considering the above what do u think I can do to improvise its ears ( I think you can see in one of the photos it has a fly ear). Will taping help. What is the other food you suggest so that it would put on fat....Overall how do I improvise its looks for it to look better so that I can take it for the dog show and also kindly let me know if I can take it to the dog show or not
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By shharat sharma · 24 Oct 2008 5:50 pm
The size, shape and general features are hereditary. So there is precious little you can do to imrove the width of the skull. If she carries good lines, she will in all probability develop a good skull.

Fresh food is fine but bread and milk are a definite no-no. If you decide to give fresh food you will have to add supplements of calcium and vitamins because dog foods contain the right balance of these. Your vet should be able to advise you on the dosage. The meal has to balanced and so you must give sufficient quantities of protiens ( meat, egg, paneer etc) and fibre. Pups also require a fair amount of fat in the diet. In my experience a rice and beef broth shows good results provided the beef is fresh and free from most cattle related diseases. Also ensure that the beef is boiled for at least 45 minutes. You can prepare a stew (rice and beef) and refrigerate it and serve warm.

The balanced diet plus right amount of fat should take care of the skin. Of course the deworming will help. Even though the Neo is a short coated breed you have to take care of its coat by daily grooming. Dandruff accumulates on dead hair and you must bruch the dog regularly.

You don't need to feel guilty about the time you spend with her because you are still doing better than a lot of people. Yes. Over exercise is bad for large breed pups.

There is no harm in trying to tape the ear. You will have to do it regularly for 20-30 days for it to have any impact. Ofetn the ear settles down with age.
As I said earlier a dog show is not about the general appearance alone. Its the quality of your dog vis-a-vis the competition it faces. Most importantly, the judge has too assess the movement of your ehibit. Any specimen that looks fine but has poor or faulty movement cannot win. Yours is a working dog so its confirmation and movement are vital. Take the plunge, I say. Go to the show once and if you win great. If you don't you still have the freind you care for so much.

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By Koteshwar · 27 Oct 2008 11:58 am
Hey Sharat,
Thanks a lot for all your answers.
I think you have been dealing with Mastiffs from a very long time to gain so much of information. I know it comes from experience.
a) Could you please tell what should be the size of a Neo (female) at seven months i.e. height and weight.
b) What is the maximum age it will grow.
c) I give calcium tablets (500 mg) and Liver 52 (10ml), morning and evening. Is this okay, or do you suggest anything else.
d) It is changing it's color drastically...when I bought it, it was light brown and now it is dark brown....is it bcoz of hair loss and drandruff......if so any suggestions.
e) The breeder says that the KCI doesnt have stock of Microchip and that is the reason the documents have been delayed...Would this be a true reason.

Kindly suggest
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By shharat sharma · 27 Oct 2008 4:45 pm
Like all large breeds the Neo matures slowly. A full grown bitch should avearge between 25-27 inches ( 1-2 inches either way is acceptable) provided size does not come at the cost of massiveness. A full grown bitch should be about 110 pounds. I presume that at 7 months your bitch should be about 23 inches tall and weigh about 65-75 pounds. Neo's grow till about the age of 15 months but more in terms of weight thn height. Full height ay come by 11-12 months.

Your vet is the best guide for dosage of medicines and supplements.

The standard permits solid coat of mahogany colour with a wide variety of lighter and darker shades of mahogany. Change of colour is normal with age.

Yes. KCI was short of micro chips till a few months ago but a fresh lot has now been received and certificates are being issues promptly to clear the backlog.

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