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I have a pair of 4 years old Dalmation advise medicine to increase fertility of male & female both?

I have a pair of 4 years old Dalmation, two years ago they met and 7 puppies were born, to keep safe from mosquito, Mortin was used in repurcation all puppies died on the second day of birth. after the instance four time meeting has been taken with care of period and time with same male but all the time pseudo pregnancy is appearing. please advice. Also advise medicine to increase fertility of male & female both.
By Shashi · 10 Mar 2009 3:10 pm


By lois schwarz · 09 Apr 2009 9:02 pm
Oh, i see... the other blog you wrote in you forgot to mention you gave mortin. you should have mentioned that also. doesnt matter though now. who would you want to breed this female? If your female is having problems breeding why would you breed her and continue problems in the pups (if any survive). Please get yourself another female from a different breeder. I can almost promise that you will not have this same problem. Lois
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