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What are the advantages of BARF?

I have read a lot about BARF & its advantages, but most of the literature available pertains to western world and the products available there. I am trying to strike a balance for my 3 weeks old pup and still struggling with it. The only constraint is that I cannot feed him meat or egg everyday .At present I am giving him meat or egg every alternate day. I have done some "Netching" (Net Research) on the alternatives for Indian conditions (ie; use of pulses and alike) but still far from striking a perfect balance. I have read online that dog is a carnivore and hence should not be fed grains but I have seen many of them mainly reared on chapati & milk. Atleast the ones I saw were all healthy and had a lived longer than normal. So I am quite certain that I'm not being inhumane or "Indogane" by alternating between meat & pulses. My questions to fellow "DogSpotians" who have adopted BARF and even to those who haven't a. What do they feed their dogs? b. How do they decide whether the diet is balanced? c. Do they also add supplements to the diet. If yes then what?
By El Bandito · 15 Jan 2011 1:55 am


By El Bandito · 15 Jan 2011 1:57 am
Correction: my pup is 3months old.
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By Benny Kennels · 15 Jan 2011 8:29 pm
Fine. I am a dog lover and i am breeding Lhasa apso for the last 5 years. I hav read many literature about BARF and tried myself for all my dogs (that include one boxer, Lhasa apso and English cocker spaniel) for about 6 months. It looked ok and good for first 3 or 4 months. But after that I started gettting problems in them. First thing i noticed is the ticks. The numbers increased more when the food is given raw, then comes some skin problem and finally i got some problem in breeding as well. I will not say all this are only due to feeding Raw or BARF, but the problems are more when u feed raw. I discussed the same with my vet and my vet said, barf is not suitable for countries like where the quality of meat and bone are not bar with the quality that is available in the west. Its essential to boil them to kill the germs where in its not so essential in west as the meat are more hygenic and the goat and cows are specially rared for meat. Here mostly the beef we get is from four d's that is dead or diseased or disabled. He adviced me not to give any meat raw. I stopped giving them and got a good result within a month of stopping BARF. I follow dried food for few and normal home food for few of my doggies. Yes dog is a carnivore and they need meat but its not necessary u need to give them daily. I give curd rice, egg rice, fish rice, chicken rice alternatively. I stopped giving beef. Now the dogs with home food are as healthy as the dogs in dried food. My vet suggest to give grains that include rice, rice &maize (combination), wheat (chappathi), vegetables and meat/egg in proportion. Feel free to mail me or call me if u need more details on feeding bennykennels@gmail.com 09842009810
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By Dinkar Singh · 16 Jan 2011 5:14 pm
The best food I think is the packet food available. They are a balanced food with the correct quantity of everything your dog or pup requires. It comes based on the age of the dog and the breed. It is very convenient to feed specially in India as getting domestic help etc is getting difficult to find etc.

In cooking food at home you need to be very careful that the roti etc is not raw and is properly cooked otherwise your pet can get an upset stomach.

Generally I have noticed that when feeding meat a lot of problem can occur like skin problem etc. specially if not cooked properly. Plus the quality of meat is generally not that great plus again the headache of cooking and storing etc.

Personally I have fed and tried with my dogs milk and roti, veg soup and roti, meat and roti and they have all been fine. But packet food is the most easy to store and use and all my dogs are on it.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 17 Jan 2011 10:46 am
From my experience i feel packed food do well with dogs, i tried raw food (chicken, human grade) for my three month old lab but after feeding raw food, two weeks later, i saw that my pup suffered from loose motion and stomach upset sometimes vomiting. Then after I stopped raw food and switch back to packed food(RC), now I dont see any problem with my pup and he is doing well. The quality of meat really matters even my vet suggest me to give boiled meat instead of feeding it raw.

From my netching, i do also understand that B.A.R.F is not only the method of simply feeding raw food to dogs, there is also a lot of science in it i.e. it is an art of providing right food with right quantity with right quality on right time.
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