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How to train the dog to get fresh outside?

Hi I have a SHIT SHU who is 8 weeks old I am trying to potty train him as I have previously trained my PEKINEZE, this pup refuses to go in the bathroom and keeps biting everyone the whole day. Please give me a solution as I would not like to take him on the road for his toilet he is too small. Thanks! MEENAA
By meena · 27 Apr 2011 7:45 pm


By sonu · 28 Apr 2011 8:02 am
now ur SHIT SHU is child so u wait on till he did not become 8-10months.
he will be learn..
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By hiren · 04 May 2011 11:35 pm
If it is a SHIT SHU(its a Shih tzu) then the potty is in the name only.. :D .. On a more serious note, i think the dog may be teething so please buy it a toy(bone) to chew on.. something of the softer variety since its stilll young.. And when he tries to bite people say no in a firm yet calm manner.

Regarding potty training, please take the dog to the bathroom after meals or drinking water etc since thats when he may feel the urge to defecate.. allow him to explore the area and his excreta. It will remember the spot slowly but surely. Whenever it goes potty somwhere else, just say NO! and clean the are immediately witha floor cleaner that helps with removing the aroma too... That way, it will not associate the wrong place as its "Potty spot".

Lastly its a puppy so please give it sometime.. and appreciate it after it finishes potty in the right place.. just pat it affectionately. All the best with your little puppy.

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By meena · 05 May 2011 11:38 am
Thanks Lohit [I know it was mean of me to call him Shit Shu] I am satisfied with your solution A doc couldn't have done better.

Thanks Lohit for the solution [ i know it was not right to call him Shit Shu but I was tired cleaning his mess that was his nick name] I appreciate your contribution to my query,I will keep in mind all what u have said.

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yashkant gaur
By ravindra · General · 01 May 2012 10:06 am ·
yashkant gaur
By Rohit · Dog Training Behaviour · 09 May 2011 5:11 pm ·

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