When we go for a walk and my dog wants to play with every single person/animal on the street,help?

I have a small problem with my 7.5 months old male Lab Danny. He is the super friendly kinds. Now usually that is good, the problem happens when we go for a walk and he wants to play with every single person/animal on the street. He is a strong boy and sometimes becomes difficult to handle. At home he is very obedient and listens to me but on the street, he is so distracted that even treats dont help too much. Sometimes he just sits fast in a place and does not budge till the time I let him play with a passing by dog. Initially when he was small, this was cute but is now becoming a compulsive habit which is not good and very very difficult to control. He behaves similarly when he wants to sniff something dirty and I do not allow him. Again, he is very obedient at home and listens to everything I say. Only feels like I have a different dog when he is walking. Any suggestions?
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Hi Gautam,

One question, who walks out from your home door? Is it you or Danny? If Danny, then he is taking lead for walk. Don't let it happen.
Ask him to sit open the door, move out first, then allow him to come outside.

Second,Did you teach him "leave it" or "drop " command?. Stand in front of your dog view and don't let him pay attention towards another dog. Run with your dog to bypass other dog.Appraise and pat him whenever he follows you on the walk.

Please share your feedback on the same.

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A 7.5 month old puppy is like a 14 year old human boy. That's the time when adolescence in dogs begins. Your puppy will become more agile and alert. He'll start marking his territory by peeing on pillars, tires, trees, etc. He'll also become very protective in the sense he may challenge other dogs in the street by barking. It's like a rivalry between two males.
This behavior is very normal at this age. If your dog gets distracted by other dogs in the street, I wonder what's wrong in it! He's also a social animal who wants to explore his surroundings. He also wants to know his fellow mates.
When I take my dog out, I allow him to sniff the grass, I also allow him to mingle with other dogs ( both domesticated and stray as long as they don't have any skin disease . He also sometimes pull but whenever, he does it excessively, I simply stop and wait for him to come back to the healing position. Sniffing is no offense, you should encourage this habit as long as it's not filthy. You should set up a time limit for him to explore his surroundings. If he's sniffing the pillar, let him do this for 10-15 seconds and then tell him-'ok that's it, time to go'.
My way of training the dog is - taking my dog on walk is just like I watching my favorite movie or hanging out with my friends. I won't like anyone to tell me which movie I should watch, what should I eat, etc. Similarly, if you want your dog to enjoy, give him a little freedom. Let him explore his surroundings and let him what he is- a dog.
Also, you are bound to have problems if you see your relationship with your dog as that of a servant and master. Your relationship is bound to be stronger if you see your relation with your pet as that of two friends.
Sarbjit, how does it matter if your dog comes out from the gate first? I don't think by doing so he's being dominant. No. He's just being a kid who just want to go out to play and he's enthusiastic. That's it.
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Navjot - I have watched many video of dog training and suggested that we should take lead while going out door and take our space while asking dog to back off. I follow the same with my dog so suggested.

Regarding, her dog instinct, I allow her to play with other dogs for one or two minutes whenever other domesticated dog ( mostly labs) meet on our walk with due permissions of their owner.
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By Devashish Prakash 2012-08-28T15:00:45+0530 28 Aug 2012 3:00 pm
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I second to comments made by Sarabjit. One should not compare a human child with a dog. A dog is a dog. It needs affection as does it needs discipline. Its been observed that mostly behavioral issues are found in dogs wherein owner does not know how to handle various issues other than giving affection. With dog running towards door, ahead of you, tries to prove to himself that he is a pack leader. One should not accept it and not open the door unless the dog heels or comes back. Appreciate this gesture by rewarding.
Gautam: Labs generally has such sweet nature. It just needs to be tuned. Whenever Danny tries to lead you, just stop or better turn in opposite direction and start walking. This will confuse him and he will need to follow your direction, future onwards. Keep on trying till this happens and becomes a habit. Keep on appreciating whenever he obeys you and follows or heels besides you. As Navjot mentioned, sniffing is OK. In cases wherein you do not want Danny to sniff, try some command wherein he is aware to stop at that moment. In case he is aware of such command and does not obey on street, just give him a small push / kick from your leg around hip area. This kick or Push is similar to like we used to do when were kids and while walking kick fellow on bums with alternate leg. Hope you got what I am trying to say. This act will startle him for a sec and distract him from this. Reward him on ignoring the thing you don't want him to sniff. Things will certainly improve. All the best!
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By Gautam Mohata 2012-08-29T12:44:21+0530 29 Aug 2012 12:44 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-small-problem-75-months-old-male-lab-danny-he-super-fr
Hi devashish... Thanks for your tips. The problem however has been resolved. Danny is now almost one year old and the question was posted almost 4 months ago. :)
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By Dev Sengupta 2012-09-07T00:10:58+0530 07 Sep 2012 12:10 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/have-small-problem-75-months-old-male-lab-danny-he-super-fr
Small world, Gautam :D Good to see you here
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