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I have three months old PUG puppy, unable to give her potty training.?

I have three months old PUG puppy, unable to give her potty training. Her timings is very irregular. Any tips......?
By ALOK AGRAWAL · 23 Nov 2008 10:03 pm


By Priya Shergill · 26 Nov 2008 5:02 pm
At three months a Puppy cannot have regular timings unless you train her. To begin with you will have to take her out the moment she wakes up or has a meal. Infact every two hours she needs to be taken out so that she knows her place for toilet training is outside. Also try and keep newspapers on the floor at varous places and encourage her to use these if she needs to go in between. She will soon look for the newspapers if there is an urgency. You may have to work for a month or so and then she herself will increase the gaps in between her outings. It is hard work but it pays off. Once she goes onto two meals a day at about 5 to 6 months, and she learns to control herself she will be OK. Don't beat her ever if she spoils your floor as it is not her fault and her memory span is only 20 seconds. Take her out immediately even if she has done her bit inside the house so that she learns by repetition that she has to go outside. She should be protected against diseases before you take her out. Please ensure her vaccinations are up to date. I have two Pugs and their house training was complete by the time they were 4 months old.
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By Robert Gravel Sheffield Pugs · 29 Nov 2008 10:19 am
One thing to remember is when you feed your pug watch for a pattern. She may have to go out within minutes after she eats or maybe 1 hour. if you portion feed her it is better for housebreaking than to free feed her (letting her pick at food all day). I also sometimes take away water when they sleep at night. And yes when she wakes up and after 10-15 minutes of playing. you know just when you think how good she is :)
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