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My German Shepherd puppy was infected with a stomach infection suggest me any thing for his growth?

i am having a german shepard puppy who has now completed 3 months and recently was infected with a stomach infection in which he was getting blood motions,vomiting and had goan dam weak now he has recovered,i feel thet he is not growing that rapidly what he is suppose to, and now he seems small when compared to puppies of his age can any one suggest me any thing for his growth?
By aun mehdi · 08 Oct 2009 1:50 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 08 Oct 2009 5:08 pm
Like in humans stomach infection can be very weakening, and your is just a small pup. You must have heard about tendulkar falling and hurting himself due to stomach infection. Get my point.

I dont know what your vet has said but it can also be that your pup caught a chill depending on where you keep him etc......but consult a good vet.

Growth should be kept normal and not forced. Feed him a good nutritious diet like a manufactured dog food like Royal Canin or eukanoba and also give it multi vitamins and calcium as per your vet's advise. Big dogs take upto 2 plus years to mature so relax and feed, train and take good care of your dog. Size will also depend on its parents etc.
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By aun mehdi · 08 Oct 2009 6:43 pm
thank you mr dinkar,previously i was in the intension that they just grow till 8 months,so you say that they grow till approx 2 yrs!i am glad to hear this, and really thank you for your advice.
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