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Its good for 7 weeks old puppy to feed Pedigree puppy ?

Hi am having GSD which is 7 weeks, I am using Proviboost and Ostopet as of now for calcium and vitamins for my puppy growth. Doctor said me to have these because for its ears to get straightened. Its just 7 weeks old is it okay if I continue to Pedigree puppy ? Do you want me continue with these calcium tonics or not?
By Sudheer · 22 Jun 2011 11:05 am


By abhijeet patel · 23 Jun 2011 4:43 am
it's good to give puppies calcium and multi-vitamins supleements up till the age of 18-20 months for their proper growth GSD needs running exercises as well for good growth so after an age of 3 months start giving godd exercise slowly and gradually and best calcium supplement available in market is irsih cal and for multi vitamins is canine plus otherwise caldipet ostopet as calcium suppleement and verol as multi vitamin syrup.....but yes that is required not just for straightening ears it is required for proper growth also for dog food you can go for best foods available like cano bits,royal canine,science & hills, drools pedigree do not feed non-veg till 2 months of age after that only boneless non-veg with curd and rice and nonveg is to be boiled do not feed milk and even if you are then in 50-50 proportion of milk and water also right now feed small diets for 5-6 times and take it for potty right after meal to get him potty trained also get proper vaccinated the sequence would be as follows :
1. puppy dp at 4 weeks
2. 9 in 1 at 6 weeks
3. corona at 8weeks
4.9in1 booster at 10 weeks
5.corona booster at 12 weeks + ARV 1st shot
6.9in1 third shot at 14 weeks
7.ARV 2nd shot at 16 weeks

after that annual booster of 9in1,corona and ARV will be given
pups will try to eat mud dirt and sand also will try to eat plant scold right there and stop them doing it also according the weight intially deworming will be done in 15 days upto 3 months and monthly from 3-6 months and then every two months upto 6-12 months and then quarterly for entrire life
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 23 Jun 2011 1:53 pm
Pedigree is OK kind of food for dogs, if you want much better food then you can consider taste of wild or science plan. From my personnel experience i feel BARF diet do well and I started BARF to my PUG when he is 2 months old itself.
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By pennypup · 24 Jun 2011 2:37 am
NEVER give calcium to large breed puppies. It causes more problems that it cures.
It may result in hip/joint problems like hip dysplasia.
Your puppys ears will stand with time and genetics, not suppliments.

Taste of the Wild as KamalRaj J Kuppal suggested is a great food. Switch to that and give vitamin C if you want to give suppliments.
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By emran · 20 Jan 2012 10:43 pm
as far as my knowledge is concern, high level of calcium may lead to may diseases, you should start a healthy diet or balance diet, there are may brands which offer complete and balance diet like RC , Eukanuba or Drools.
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By Ritwik · 18 Feb 2016 11:01 pm
Seven weeks old puppy does not need any supplement. you just need to feed your puppy with premium brand starter food that will provide him all the nutrients required by puppy at this age. regularly change the water and make sure puppy have access of water all the time. follow the link for dog food - https://www.dogspot.in/maxi-st arter/
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