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My 8 months GSD is not taking food properly, help?

Hi i am having GSD which is 8months old, problem with it is not having enough food and now am able see its ribs. Am not sure what is the problem and when ever i reach my vet he is saying some or other medicine to make it hunger and i have stopped it recently because my pet is getting addicted to it. Next thing is I suppose there might be some sort of intestine infection or parasites lying in its intestine. And its having its food once in 2 days. Now its totally shaped out am very much worried about it ? Any suggestion regarding food habits, am feeding it with Royal canin and milk ( morning ) curd rice ( Afternoon) and Chicken lever and rice ( Evening ). This is its food chain every day.
By Sudheer · 16 Feb 2012 6:58 pm


By Navjot Singh · 18 Feb 2012 3:07 pm
Sudheer, if you think the treatment from the current Vet is not improving your dog's health then you should change the vet. If ribs are getting predominent then it definetly means your dog is not fine. Usually, if your dog has loose appetite, vets recommend lever tonics. But, if that is not helping your dog then you should seek help from another vet.
I think you should conduct two tests on your dogs: Blood test and stool test. You should then walk up to another Vet who should check these reports and start treatment.
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By nithia · 23 Sep 2012 12:57 am
Hi I am of the same opinion as Navjot, if your current vet is not able to detect the cause or treat it successfully then you should move over to another Vet before its too late.
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By joshua · 05 Oct 2014 5:47 pm
I agree with you both.Sudheer u had to wait till u have to see his ribs.I mean u have to show him to a Certified Vet and see whats lacking.The treatment may be expensive,sort out the problem.I wonder what sort of vet u have been visiting.I am sure your dog has not been de-wormed for a long time.Hope our answers help u ... :)
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