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My Irish Shetter has tick problem, please help?

Hello All, I have an Irish setter. He is 11 months old...I live in India. I have my neighbor who lives in the Ground Floor who has a Lab that has too many ticks as it has contact with the stray dogs(Is this the main issue for these Ticks to increase on my pet). My pet had too many ticks so I did check with my Vet and he suggested a tick free injection that will last about a month or two....I got him a dosage (injection) in September...planned to give him the next dose but realized that he did not have any signs of Ticks, checked on the net and found a home remedy to eradicate ticks was to add a teaspoon of Garlic paste in my pets food...followed the same...no ticks were noticed. Since last 15 days I noticed that they are Ticks all around my house (roof and walls), some are just eggs and some are grow (not too big), I do ensure that the house is clean regularly and removed these eggs and ticks (I normally use a bowl filled with detergent powder and little water where I dump them)...In the recent past these ticks are found all over him and I try my best to get them off. Please suggest me 1. How can I eradicate these from my house? 2. Any other methods to stop ticks on my pet? 3. What exactly is Frontline that people keep stating? 4. Do I have to give him the tick free injection or get an anti tick collar?
By Florian Francis · 19 Dec 2012 9:24 pm


By Navjot Singh · 22 Dec 2012 6:16 pm
Ticks don't thrive in Winters so they go into hibernation mode in cold climate. Ticks and flees thrive well in warmer climatic conditions. The ticks that you see around you are now leaving your dog's body which is a good sign. You don't really have to do anything as these creatures don't really pose a serious threat to human-beings. Whenever, you see any, just get rid off them by killing them.
To ensure your dog is equipped well against ticks as you have a tick-infected dog in your area, you can tie anti-tick collar on his neck. You can buy it from your local Vet. Brush your dog regularly with tick brush and bath him with a good anti-tick shampoo. As your dog is infected you need to shampoo him weekly. Do use warm water and make sure your dog's coat is thoroughly dried up with towel.
Frontline is a tick shampoo. It has good customer reviews and you can go for it. Tick injections is to cure tick-fever and if your Vet suggests it, you can go for that treatment.
Keep your dog in leash and don't allow him to play with infected dogs.
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By sat singh · 06 Jun 2014 11:55 am
We have had dogs for several decades, at times 8 to10 dogs. Our house got infested with ticks, what worked like magic in eradicating all ticks was a capful of kerosene in a bucket with water. This would be used to swab the floor of the entire house initially daily then every alternate day. Swabbing (paucha in hindi) of all the floors continue for the duration of the egg cycle. Its been over 3 years now and we have not seen a tick. The house and 3 dogs are tick free without any use of medicine or chemical sprays.

hope this helps...
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