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I have male Great Dane 3 months old, i am feeding him royal canine thrice a day, is it ok?

hello all....i hv a male great dane 3 months old, m feeding him royal canine thrice a day nd .75 ltrs of milk...his weight is 18 kgs n ht is 21" at the withers...is da growth all rite??? thnx
By deepak · 27 Nov 2009 4:23 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 29 Nov 2009 11:46 am
Milk is generally not advisable. Royal Canin is the best and they also have one tailor made for great danes otherwise Gaint breed puppy would be fine. See the pack and read regarding how much to feed. Right now you should not worry about height etc. Just feed right and give calcium and multivitamins and no exercise as such till atleast 1 year of age. Also the pup should not be kept of slippery surface / floor.
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By deepak · 30 Nov 2009 5:24 pm
thnx dinkar 4 ur advice...rite now feeding him rc garnished wid curd...should i start givin him sum other food...lk boiled chicken or should i giv rc only???
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By Dinkar Singh · 30 Nov 2009 5:34 pm
I think RC should be good enough and I have had great results with my Rottweilers. Also give calcium and multi vitamins. Please also read about the great dane and its needs on websites such as the american great dane club etc. They have a lot of good advise for owners and prospective owners.
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By Ajay Dabade · 01 Dec 2009 11:35 am
NO NO NO !!! deepak if u r feeding RC , there is absolutely no need for extra calcium and multivitamins. Extra calcuim or vitamins is just like slow poison for ur great dane....see great dane is a gaint breed . they grow very fast..first 1 year is very fast growth for them...if u feed extra calium or vitamins ...it might damage his kidneys and lungs....
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By gaga beagle · Buying a puppy · 24 Feb 2012 11:39 pm · Reply Now
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He is 5months old,i am giving him royal canin food, how much should i give?
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Hello to all,is there a need to mix calcium with royalcanine maxi starter.i am feeding this to my gsd puppies.
By rajesh · Buying a puppy · 13 Oct 2011 11:58 pm · Reply Now

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