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Planning to buy puppy for first time, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle & Basset Hound,which will be good?

Hello All, I was planning to buying a puppy for first time and very confused as i like small puppies a lot and some option of ( Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle & Basset Hound) but totally confused which one should i go for. Can anyone tell me which one should i go for.And at day time my dad is only available at home so i dnt want that he get disturbed with puppy. So please suggest me accordingly and im from Delhi Regards Sandeep
By Sandeep Wadhwa · 09 Jun 2009 3:15 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 10 Jun 2009 11:12 am
Sandeep! You must remember that a puppy will always grow up and will not remain a puppy always. You are saying two contradicting things or may be I am not understanding. One side you say u love puppies and the other side you say u dnt want your dad to get disturbed.

Let me tell you something as cute as a pup may look they need a lot of time and energy for you to spend with them training, playing, feeding, etc. You will also have to see in what type of place you live and what dog breed best suits your living conditions and lifestyle. Small dogs can also be noisy and may bark quite a bit. They also need a lot of attention and need to be with family most of the time and kept open if possible inside the house.

Since you like small puppy like dogs you can also look at a chihuahua its a tiny lap dog but you have to be careful with it due to its size. Also see the full grow dog of whatever breed you decide on so that you know what it will grow up to be.

Please do not get a dog just because you want a puppy as too many dogs are getting abandoned these days and they too have feelings etc. Choosing wisely.

If you require any further information let me know.
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By Sandeep Wadhwa · 10 Jun 2009 12:09 pm
Hello Mr. Singh,

Thanks for your information as i know the puppy will surely grow and their are members at my home who can take care of him but i know my dad will also take care of him once he comes. But i am confused for these breeds which should i go for ( Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle & Basset Hound) out of these. If you can help me out for getting them and if you are from Delhi then do let me know.

Thanks & regards
Sandeep Wadhwa
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By Dinkar Singh · 10 Jun 2009 4:58 pm
As mentioned in my earlier message, you need to tell me more about your house or apartment, people in the house etc to recommend the dog breed that best suits you according to your house and family.

Beagles are nice and now popular, but have a loud bark. Dachund are also nice although not that popular now days.Bassets and cockers can have ear problems.

I am not a broker so cannot help you in locating a dog, nor will advise you regarding breeders without knowing about you and where the dog is going to live. You need to also see how much you are willing to spend, but please do not buy a dog from a pet shop or a vet without seeing the parents. All the best.
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By Sandeep Wadhwa · 10 Jun 2009 5:24 pm
Thanks a lot Mr. Singh,

About our house it's Duplex and we live on First & Second floor with Terrace. We have say 5 rooms and there is a place on Terrace we have a small room that we can occupy for puppy, so know accordingly let me know which should i go for. And i can spend nearly 8-10k which is my budget.

Thanks & Regards
Sandeep Wadhwa
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By Dinkar Singh · 10 Jun 2009 5:37 pm
Sandeep......dogs specially small one like the ones you have mentioned need to stay inside the house in ones bedroom or in the sitting/ lounge room, where the fan or ac will be on and they will be comfortable. They hardly take any place and once the pup grows you can get a nice looking bed and put it in the sitting/ lounge room etc. In a room outside on the terrace is not a good idea to keep any pet big or small. Delhi gets so hot and so cold that it would be torture. So please do not get a pup or a dog and keep it where you are planning to keep it. You can at the most train it to potty outside on the terrace but thats it and it should come inside at once.

Think about it and dont rush into geting a pet or a dog.....its a lot of responsibility and care......and why I am saying this again and again is because I come across a lot of pedigree dogs and pets for adoption or abandoned. So give it a second thought or stay with someone who has dogs for a couple of days and take care of their dogs...

If you still want to go ahead seeing your budget I think you should be able to get a cocker or a dachund. But keep in mind that the cocker will need more brushing as compared to the dachund and also the ears need to be checked regularly in the cocker.

What I can see is that your family is not too fond of animals/ dogs....and I would suggest get an aquarium instead of a pup.
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