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I'm planning to buy a puppy. I'm not sure what should be ideal food for dogs?

Hello everybody. I'm planning to buy a puppy. I'm not sure what should be ideal food for dogs as this is going to be our first puppy after a long time. In past we've had a few puppies whom we used to feed roti crushed in milk. I'm planning to buy a labrador retriever. I'm aware of dog food available in the market, most popular being royal canine, pedigree and many more. I want to know if i wish to feed my puppy home-made food, then what should be the most ideal food stuffs. Also, I'll be very thankful if someone can let me know what frequency (how often) a puppy should be fed,like in morning, afternoon, evening and night.
By Navjot Singh · 01 Jan 2010 5:47 pm


By Mohammad Tariq · 03 Jan 2011 9:53 am
Hi Navjot, it all depend on the breed size you are planning to go for, i assume that u want to go for a medium or large breed. The most healthy diet & care points for a puppy (medium/large breed) are as follows:
1. Every pup needs to be fed 3 times a day at equal intervals till the age of 6 months and then 2 times a day later on.
2. If the puppy is just 1 month old then go for Cerelac for upto 45 days of age and then start with puppy starter (Royal Canin) upto 3 months of age and then go for Puppy Large/Medium Breed (Royal Canin). Also, Royal Canin will be a starting an all new range this Jan wherein they will provide Breed Specific Food (you can check with a local shop according to the breed u are going for).
3. Give proper Milk and combine with a 1-2 boiled eggs in the breakfast (depending upon the weather conditions in yr city) too much egg can cause damage in a hot climate.
4. MOST IMP THING - Dont allow your puppy to walk or run on slippery floors (tiles, marbles etc) as this will hamper their front and rear legs and they will bent likely to form somewhat a shape like dis / .
5. Potty Train you Pup from day 1.. this is 1 training that should start from day 1 everything else shall start after 4 months of age.
6. ABOVE ALL - give immense love to the puppy and treat him like a family member :-)

Hope this helps...
Thanks & Regards
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By Mohammad Tariq · 03 Jan 2011 9:54 am
OOPS I almost Forgot... Get all the vaccinations done on time and always give FRESH WATER to your puppy :-)
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