Hello everyone I have a street dog on his back he has several skin issues .Plz guide me.

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Stray dogs are prone to contracting skin diseases because of poor hygienic conditions. It is important to give good grooming and nutritional food to a dog. Both these things make the hair coat and skin of the dog glossy, shiny and healthy. If the stray dog is showing signs of skin disease, take him to a vet for a proper diagnose and treatment. All skin diseases in dogs are different from each other and an OTC medicine may not be enough to cure it. Some common skin diseases in dogs are:1. Itchy SkinIt is a very common problem in dogs and this condition is called pruritus. If the scratching becomes incessant it is not only uncomfortable for the dog but also problematic for its owner. When a dog keeps scratching for long it can lead to skin infection and secondary skin lesions2. Skin allergyThere could be several reasons behind skin allergy in dogs. It could be because of certain foods, fleas or an environmental issue. Flea bites create a sense of irritation on the skin of the dog. This makes the dog scratch to soothe this irritation. Some dogs even start biting themselves to calm the itch caused by fleas. Atopy or environmental allergy is another common skin allergy cause. The allergens can be mite dander or pollen which the dog may have inhaled. It could also be something that has come into contact with the dog’s skin like grass or weed. Atopy requires regular treatment involving shots and medication that to be administered when the allergy erupts. Food allergies in dogs could be because of reaction to a particular kind of protein in its diet. It is not a common problem in stray dogs but if you are the one feeding your stray, you can identify the allergen with the help of a vet. 3. SoresA common cause of skin problems in dogs is bacterial infection or sores on the body. Check the body of your dog for any infesting sores or wounds. Moist dermatitis or hot sores is a common problem in stray dogs and it spreads on the body very fast. These sores are red in color and easy to spot. Take your dog to a vet as soon as possible if you spot them. 4. Hair LossIf your dog is facing hair loss as part of his skin disease, it could be because of medical problems like parasites, thyroid, Cushing’s disease or an adrenal issue. A complete physical examination of the dog done by the vet is the only way to find out the exact nature of the problem. 5. Dull coat of hairYou can treat a dog with a dull coat of hair and dry skin with a dietary improvement. Supplements for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in his diet can make the hair and skin better. For an accurate diagnosis, take your dog to a vet to identify the exact reason behind the skin disease.
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