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I am looking for a Golden Retriever(preferred)/Great Dane/Rottweiler in Bangalore?

Hello Everyone, I am looking for a golden retriever(preferred)/great dane/rottweiler in Bangalore. I have got a few questions here 1. I need a dog which is a purebreed(meaning healthy). Papers are welcome but can be compromised if I am assured its a healthy breed. 2.I have called around ~50 ppl in Bangalore, their price range from 2k to 73k. I am confused as to where to go plz suggest a good breeder in bangalore. 3.My budget is 5~8k for a male/female golden retriever with papers. I have seen unregistered "purebreeds" suferring frm disease and misery hence I want a pedigree with papers.
By Poorvika · 17 Apr 2009 6:04 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 17 Apr 2009 7:54 pm
You have mentioned 3 different breeds and all three are very different in nature and size. Please buy a dog only after doing research about the breed and its requirements and only if you can fullfill them. They are living things. Recently I came across a well educated person who has a lab and wants to keep it in a apartment and makes it do its dirty job in a bathroom, but now as it has grown up wants other suggestions etc.

There is Yasban Kennels in Bangalore who is a well know kennel check it out on the net for contact details or call KCI for their numbers.

All the best.
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By Poorvika · 18 Apr 2009 8:50 am
I am looking for golden retriver specifically, however I dont mind any dog. I can see the difference between the breeds/size, their requirments.
This is not my first experience with dogs. However I am not comfortable with purebreeds(some) bcoz of health issues. I need a dog for a pet (not for breeding).

Why Golden Retriver? bcoz I have other pets in my house.
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By Dinkar Singh · 18 Apr 2009 9:46 am
Please note the Goldens can get quite big and require exercise, otherwise they are very good tempered. Why I insist on research on any breed and there requirements is that a lot of pedigree/ purebreed dogs are getting abandoned as owners do not realise the time and work required for them, plus do impluse buys as they find the pup cute or the older dog.

About 6 months back a very nice golden 2 yrs old male required a home as the owners could not take care of it anymore luckily I knew someone very fond of dogs and goldens in particular and this dog was saved and now enjoys a very nice loving life in Mussoorie.

Goldens do require brushing and taking care quite a bit because of their coat.Like I mentioned earlier there is a good breeder as per my information in Bangalore and you should buy from her of another good breeder in Pune.

All The Best!

PS: There are other smaller breeds also which get along with other pets/ dogs. But be careful as its not the new dog or pup rather the older one who may except or be aggressive towards the new one and do har, to him or her.
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By Poorvika · 18 Apr 2009 1:36 pm
I had a pomeranian bfr, street dogs killed him. thts why I am gng for bigger dogs
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By Dinkar Singh · 18 Apr 2009 4:44 pm
hey you need to take better care of your dog/s. Your pom should not be on the street on the first place. Goldens are no fighting dogs and can get troubled by stray if you plan to again leave him on the street etc. A bigger dog needs for care and money to look after.

Rest is upto you. Why not adopt a stray instead they are very health dogs.
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By Poorvika · 19 Apr 2009 12:51 pm
"Why not adopt a stray instead they are very health dogs"

I had stray dogs, some are naturally aggressive-like they bite and growl when eating food no matter how trained. I have rabbits in my house, I need a very friendly Dog.

The dogs in our farmhouse are very friendly, loyal with us but they have killed sheep, bit ppl.

2. More than tht I am a bit tired with same dogs, I like to see all the breeds behaviour. Each one of them are so different. My frnd's Siberian Husy literally sings....makes me laugh whenever I remember tht
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By Dinkar Singh · 19 Apr 2009 5:56 pm
Its the owner and his or her lack of knowledge of the breed and socialaisation that leads to various problems including the ones mentioned by you. I had a Rottweiler a huge fellow 15 odd years ago who used to keep sleeping in my room and my pigeons used to come inside my room and walk around him or a regular basis each day and he used to keep sleeping and not do a think. It all depends on the owner and the way he brings up a dog. You cannot just suddenly introduce any pet to a new thing and think all will be fine.

There is a difference is seeing someone elses dog trained dog for a short of time and saying so sweet etc at its behaviour, but you have to also understand other traits and behaviours that may not be that nice or sweet if you do not know much about the breed etc. One of my Rottweilers that I currently have chewed up the legs of a burma teak antique dining table that has been in my family for over 100 odd years. But then that had to happen as I was away and the dog was a young dog and the servant had separated her from the other dogs and by mistake locked her in the dinning room causing her to stress and being a young dog chewed the table legs. But then this is common in most large breeds that if left alone for a long time in boredom they tend to be destructive.

As far as the siberian husky, and what I know they are not really indoor dogs and need a lot of exercise, would require a cool place and will not do too well in a hot climate or left outside in the heat. Hope you understand what I mean. Choose and decide sensibly its a livving thing and has feelings too.

One should decide on a breed based on its traits and if it suits it. Not the other way around. Example: An active family should get a active dog like a boxer etc. Rest is upto you.
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By DoggieDawg · 21 Apr 2009 4:21 pm
Just to go a little off track from your query . I own a street dog and he is the most well behaved dog in the whole world .
Yes , he is wary of other dogs(which is quite normal) but till date I haven’t heard a single complaint against him . I live in a rented accommodation so it’s a big deal ! I have too kept poms and spitz fyi .
As Kasmanda said their are not bad dogs but only bad owners . Any dog if not kept properly can become aggressive and temperamental .
And like always I would like to encourage you to adopt an InDog .
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