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My dog is having a habit of biting and nibbling, please help?

Hello everyone,I have a 6 mnths old male yellow lab.He is very social and has a good tamperment.We are training him ourselves and he also learns fare good, but the only problem we face is he has a bad habit of nibbling me n my brother in our arms.We are his owner still he does so when he gets excited.We dont prase this habit n even practice NO TALK,NO TOUCH,NO EYE CONTACT with him to stop him doing so,but we are not succeding!!!!!I don't know what to do.Please help me how to get rid of this habit.if scooby don't do the bitting and nibbling thing he will be our core of heart.Please suggest me some way....
By omme · 09 Mar 2011 6:21 pm


By chollen · 09 Mar 2011 10:43 pm
dog training needs a lots of patience,, first try to succeed with the eye contact,,,,for eye contact technique
1, hold a treat near your nose and call his name and when she look at the treat then there is the eye contact,
2,, repeat this several times
3 after repeating several times,,, put your hands near ur face WITHOUT THE TREAT THIS TIME and when he looks reward him and give her treat,,

i did the same,,

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By omme · 10 Mar 2011 12:48 am
thnkx chollen....i wll try this 4m 2morro onwards.bt plzz suggest me how can I get rid of his nibbling habit.
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By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 10 Mar 2011 4:09 pm
I do have lab who is now six months old, he used to bite/nibble me while playing. After solid research i found that labs at this age do this because this was the age they get new teeth and that cause strong irritation to them, the best way to get rid of this habit is give him lot of chew bones (not the white colored one), carrots, frozen rope (buy one strong rope dip it in water and keep it in freezer and give him after 6 hours, repeat it whenever you needed), tie rope with bone and give to him. Try this you will definitely see a improvement. If in case still he bites/nibble take a newspaper roll it and give a short hit on his back by raising your voice over him.
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By omme · 10 Mar 2011 8:24 pm
thanx kamal raj ji...i will try this.I just want anything which is going to mend scooby s habits.
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By Pritam · 13 Mar 2011 3:25 am
No hits...thtz cruelty....It will disappear wid time....Have patience.
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By sindhoor · 25 Mar 2011 3:04 pm
First step is to understand that dogs need to chew. They do this for several reasons. Puppies do this when they are teething. Dogs also do this as a way to calm themselves down, to ward of boredom and to keep their teeth clean. So, the most important thing for you is to understand that your little lab puppy NEEDS to chew and will continue to chew all his life.

Once you are very clear about this, there are 2 things you need to do.
1. Provide enough of things for your puppy to chew on: bones, artificial bones, chew toys, ropes etc...Pets stores today carry many varieties of these things. We buy our dog something new each week to chew on. When ever your little fellow chews on his toys or bones, praise him wholeheartedly, so that he knows you appreciate that
2. When he nibbles on you, make a yelping noise (just like a dog would yelp when bitten). Your dog will stop immediately and look at your. Stop playing with him immediately, get up and walk away and don't talk to him for the next half hour. This will teach him that you don't like him chewing on you

If he nibbles on anything else (like furniture, shoes etc...), just say a stern NO, gently pull him away, and give him his own chew toy to chew on. Don't yell or shout. If he starts chewing on his chew toy, praise him and pet him lightly and leave him to enjoy his chewing. He will be a happy puppy and you will be happy dog-parents :)
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By sindhoor · 25 Mar 2011 3:08 pm
Oh, and please don't hit your dog. He is only a little puppy and is only chewing because he needs to. It is his instinct. You can teach him that you don't mind him chewing on a few things, but don't like chewing on other things. All dogs will do anything to please their owners. So he too will do anything to please you. You just need to be clear in your message. To be clear, remember: be generous with your praise. He is not a human who understands english. So be sure your tone can be understood by him as a praise :)

And trust me, when you whole heartedly praise your dog, you too feel wonderful. Love is a great thing and getting home a dog lets you experience pure love. Have fun!
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