I am looking to adopt a puppy of any large guard breed dog, please help?

hello fellow dog lovers...i am looking to adopt a puppy of any large guard breed as in rottweiler,german sheppard,boxer,great dane,rajapalayam ..or dobberman for my mom n dad now let me tell u about me ...i am a professional and due to nature of my work i am out most of the time and my parents are alone at home ,i need a large breed guard dog to provide companion ship to my parents and also for safety factor as my house on the outskirts. i am against the idea of using animals as a means of making money and thus breeding them like a production unit hense i am looking for adoption .i am not a novice with dogs i have had 4 of them in the past ,have plenty of space for them in my house ,parents have got all of their time to spend with . so if u want a loving home for ur new pup do contact me ,u are always welcome to come and visit our house and meet my small family so that u can be assured that ur baby will be with good loving parents ,and find a family they deserve. i am close to jaipur but will be willing to travel upto 600-700 kms(say delhi punjab etc) to pick up my new buddy...
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Hi ‎Prashant : Try this no. : 8 month old handsome,friendly male boxer for adoption....To adopt him contact Vasundhara at 9958991728
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