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How does one know if the pup is good or bad quality?

Hello friends, Was jus surfing the net for a beagle when I came across this site . And it does seems quiet interesting and very updated. I m in gurgaon and want to but a beagle ( pet quality) and wondering if anyone can help me get one at a reasonable price. Going through few questions and answers here i understand that a good quality pup will cost me around 20k but then there are pups also available as cheap as 5K!!!! My other query is , how does one know if the pup is good or bad quality? Its not always possible to check out the parents in a pet shop . Plus if anyone is putting up a young beagle for adoption , do let me know. Thanks Dr Gaurav
By godsownboi · 15 Apr 2010 11:05 pm


By Rahul- 9920145077 · 16 Apr 2010 12:56 am
Hi gaurav,
Well yes it is very difficult to know the condition of puppy as it is very young when you buy it.
Try searching for a good recognized breeder, who will guide you through all the pros n cons of the breed.
like you said you are interested in a beagle, to tell you about them they are very active n love to play, also they become very close to their owners, also they like getting your attention n do bark alot at times cos they want to express their emotions to you.
put in a little extra, and since you are a Doc, i dont see a problem with that, but go for a puppy with papers, which gives you a detailed idea of the dogs pedigree, so that you understand what is the standard of the dog you are buying.
I would love to assist you in adding a new member to your family, but i stay in Mumbai.
also i could arrange a loving beagle pup for u

Best Regards,
Rahul Shinde
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By Hemanshu · 16 Apr 2010 11:57 am
Hello Gaurav
To add what Rahul mentioned, the cheap pups are probably the ones from puppy miller, though the up-front cost looks attractive and low, but the maintenance cost would be really high, in terms of what if the pup gets ill frequently etc. Try to reach out to reputed breeder in NCR region, from what I have heard, Mr. Ajay is based in Delhi, who is reputed breeder, check his website https://www.bluebellbeagles.co m/
I hope this would help to start your hunt for good pet from here.
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By godsownboi · 16 Apr 2010 8:43 pm
Thank you Rahul and Himanshu for your prompt replies, i really appreciate it. Even I find beagles extremely adorable and a pet like that can hardly not get anyone attention at hme.
The whole idea of reaching out the 'dog lover' community and the internet was to get the best at the most reasonabe price. To be honest I was promised a pup by a very good friend of mine but unfortunately none of the litter survived. So the idea of spending 2k seems a little disheartening.
Went through bluebellbeagles.com... looked like another 'pet shop' site .... but can i trust them completely?? A dog certificate like any other certificate can be forged easily.
What all do i look for in a puppy (besides the certificate) to know that its a good breed beagle??
Thanks again
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By Hemanshu · 20 Apr 2010 12:28 pm
the websites for all breeders would more or less the same experience while surfing. Boss this is India, I think the expectations you carry for websites are too high. The best way to answer your own question on "trust" - you need to talk with many people to understand what they offer and what you like in them. You need to analyze and meet in person. Do the way patients do for doctor always go for second opinion, are all doctors the same ? I am not trying to compare anyone here, just trying to bring an analogy.
In general what you need to see while choosing a pup is - go to dog blog on this site and look for a blog "choosing a puppy" by "Gopal Krishna" it would help you get your answer.
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By nandini · 27 Apr 2010 10:09 am
You're lucky :)
'The beagle i have i had bought it for 20 thousand from germany
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