How will be dog mentality in kennel.?

hello friends....i saw a kennel yesterday where they kept dogs in cage for whole day in night also they didnt have chance to explore outside of kennel.....they never used to go for walk in morning and evening......will they be restless and lazy will their life gets reduced??? how will be dog mentality in long dog should go for walk experts pls advice me cz i want to open a kennel
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In my place there is a kennel where there are atleast 10-15 labs. The owner use to walk them daily two times. The dogs have play mates (other dogs), his dogs are very good at health, temperment. So I believe If u have time to devote, them only open a kennel otherwise don't ruin dog's life.
One of the best advantage of kennel is that you have a pack from which u can learn a lot practically as compared to what you learn from internet and books. Hope this info helps u..
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