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How to stop food aggressive habit of dog?

Hello friends, My three month old Spitz puppy is too food aggressive. We are unable to eat anything in front of her. Even just after her meals. She also wants to snatch food from other big pet dog. Please help me.
By seema sen · 09 Jun 2011 11:02 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 11 Jun 2011 9:10 pm
Hi Seema!!!
From this little detail I can predict that you dog has dominance and authority issue. You can try few things and if your pet do not respond to these instruction please look around for a good trainer.

Please follow the following very strictly:

1. Give him food only after every member of house finish eating in including your big dog. Leash your Spitz if needed.
2. First Give her Sit-Stay or Down-Stay command(If she is not trained then also you will not have any problem teaching sit) stand between the dog and the food for a while then give eat command. Again leash the dog if needed.
3. Keep your mind strong and calm all the time feel like you are a teacher and your dog is as a bad student student. And If you feel you are not comfortable doing all these then please hire a good trainer.
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By seema sen · 02 Jul 2011 11:53 am
Hi Gopal Krishnajii,
My female spitz puppy is nearly four month old now. Previously she wants to have food even from our plate which is reduced a bit by leashing her at the time of our meal time according to your valuable advice. But I want to know whether it would be possible to eat in front of her without leashing her. Moreover she is very greedy towards food. She eats thrice in a day. But never shows satisfaction. Her present weight is 4kg .What should be proper diet for her such that she shows some satisfaction towards food.
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By Gopal Krishna · 02 Jul 2011 2:42 pm
Please call me Gopal!!!!

Everything is possible :) please follow the following steps slowly you puppy will understand what you want form him:

1. Stop giving him food everywhere. Fix a place for his bowl and whenever you want to give him food give inside the bowl at that fixed place. Tell this to every family member.
2. You said now your puppy is comfortable with leash. Now at your supper time leash him near you and give him down command. if your puppy shows greedy face or tries come near you just say no and again if he dont stop the push him away showing little anger.
3. if he shows good sign then try him without leash.

This would not take more than 1 week if you will do exactly what I have wrote.

and do not forget to take him for a good walk and give him a good play time. this will make him happy and you too will bond more :) and never let him lead the walk. if he tries then first stop walking and pull him back following "NO". Hold him for a while and then again continue with the walk. In starting may be you have to stop multiple times but soon he will get it and will respect your walk rules :)

Good Luck
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By seema sen · 04 Jul 2011 7:17 pm
Dear Gopaljii,
I have another problem. I have a seven year old female GSD also and the spitz puppy always wants to bite her , jumps on her neck and bite her collar, legs ,the GSD growls and slap the puppy with her leg but within a second spitz puppy again repeats the same thing. Now my question, is it normal for a puppy or it is an alpha dog behavior Moreover the GSD is also showing strange behavior, whenever she got a chance she takes possession of the puppy’s bed, but she also licks the puppy in her sleep. Kindly tell me why they are behaving in this way and what should I do?
Seema Sen.
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By Gopal Krishna · 04 Jul 2011 8:32 pm
Dear Seema
Please call me Gopal I am really not comfortable with "Jii" :) anyway from all the informations you have provided I guess it a dominance issue. If you will leave them on their own then this will happen and may be something bad. You have take control of your pets. Do not let them start things, take control of their action. Give a little advantage to you old dog i.e GSD always pet your GSD first and then the Spitz. Do not let them interact their way. Your GSD has total sense of the situation but your spitz is a puppy and good challenging nature. I can tell much by just reading you input because I can't figure out the real problem by just reading. Once you start making your position stronger all other problem will just fly away. If you are not sure then seek for a good professional help. A professional can figure out the real problem just by looking at them.

Good Luck
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