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I am not able to understand what exactly is their problem with Royal Canin. ?

Hello Guys, I need to clarify two things - 1) I have a GSD(4 Months old) and a Daschund(6 Months old). They are fed on Royal Canins since starting. for the past couple of day they are not having their food properly. I mean, they used to take 2 bowls (sizes different for both) of food everyday, but since saturday they are not even having 1/2 a bowl. I actually tried feeding them on sat n sun, however it was in vein. I soaked the food in soup and they gulped the entire soup leaving the food granules in the bowl as it is.smart chaps. Then I bought some mutton for them on Monday and they were the happiest to gulp the emtire thing within 1/2 an hour. I am not able to understand what exactly is their problem with Royal Canin. 2) One of my friends has suggested me to feed my GSD some raw meat. When I asked the Vet about it, he simply refused due the probability of any kind of infection in the meat. Again on a web site talking about GSD diet, I found it asking to feed raw meat. Can you let me know how to go about it?
By Debashish Sarkar · 11 Dec 2009 12:31 pm


By Ritwik · 03 Sep 2015 11:34 pm
Raw meat feeding will not be advisable because it may cause infection or any other health problem. Sharp small bones in raw meat can also cause damage in digestive tract of dog. You need to train them for schedule time feeding and do not mix any thing into the food this make the dog fuzzy. Both the breed you own loves to eat food so do not worry try to give them good exercise. It will keep them fit and increase their appetite as well. Also check the storage of the food. After opening the bag make sure you zip it tightly or store the food in air tight container to maintain its freshness.
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