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High quality,1.5 year old, Male Golden Retriever is available for adoption in Chennai.?

Hello, I have a very lovable 1.5 year old Male Golden Retriever. Since i will be leaving abroad soon, there is no one to take care of him. He is extremely friendly and is very good with children. I want some one to adopt him in Chennai and i should be allowed to come and visit him when ever i like. People with experience in growing a dog / Already having a dog is preferred. If you have any questions, please ask here. No breeders please. Only good families. All Vaccinations done. Bought him for Rs.20,000 so he is of very high quality.

2011-03-09T21:00:48+0530 09 Mar 2011 9:00 pm


2011-03-09T21:13:49+0530 09 Mar 2011 9:13 pm
I wud love to adopt it ... bt I am based in Jaipur ...
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2011-03-09T21:21:16+0530 09 Mar 2011 9:21 pm
Hi!, im quite interested about this. Im Rakesh, working for a corporate firm in bangalore. i live with my family consisting of 5. We do have quite good experience with pets as i have had many dogs and the last one i had was a mastiff that we lost just about 4 months ago. So if ur interested with my interest or would need more details, u can call me on - (0) - 9886999476. Thank you.
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2011-03-09T23:13:27+0530 09 Mar 2011 11:13 pm
Sorry guys.. i am only willing to give him in Chennai so i can go and see him when ever i miss him..
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By mayur 2011-03-10T19:06:05+0530 10 Mar 2011 7:06 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-have-very-lovable-15-year-old-male-golden-retriever-s
i am interested in your pet. i want to take him. i am from from pune.u can call me on - (0) - 9890603559. Thank you.
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By gautam sawant 2011-03-12T16:45:20+0530 12 Mar 2011 4:45 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-have-very-lovable-15-year-old-male-golden-retriever-s
if u r leaving for abroad
how will u go and see him regularly ??
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By Rakesh 2011-03-16T19:42:32+0530 16 Mar 2011 7:42 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-have-very-lovable-15-year-old-male-golden-retriever-s
hey, if ur so keen about giving it only in chennai, then my grandmother's house is in chennai.... so just see if you can consider my interest.
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By rajshree apte 2011-06-20T20:46:23+0530 20 Jun 2011 8:46 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-have-very-lovable-15-year-old-male-golden-retriever-s
i have 4 golden retrievers 1male and 3 female, i m based in saphale, closer to mumbai. I m a fan of golden retrievers and i would certainly love to have one more and that too of another line, just to carry the line further.U can check the quality of my pets on my account
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