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I own a Labrador female she is about 4.5 monts, she still is biting the objects,help?

hello to all.... iown a labrador female .she is about 4.5 monts , she still is biting the objects .....when she will stop doing this.......and she does not listen to any one of us and go to the people she sees around(kisi ko bhi dekhe us se chipak jati hai) and does not bark even on dogs also..... plz tell me wt 2 do... wt is the right age for traing her because we have 2 move mathura permanently in july so her age will be abot 7 months in this age she will learn or not.? plz help me out.. wt food shoud be given to her that she gains weight.. thank u Gyanendra Singh
By Gyanendra Singh · 09 Apr 2010 9:05 pm


By Hameed Sulaiman · 09 Apr 2010 9:36 pm
Hi gyanendra,

The right time to start training puppy is from 2 months, house training and sitting before eating and not pulling are the basic and first training you should do. be firm and consistent a firm no will stop her from taking stuff. He does not bark for many reasons he may not have socialized he might have been taken out of the litter before 2 months old. Be authoritative and your dog will listen to you. I had same problems but once I become strict, every thing changes. no he is never put in crate we walk on streets with no leash, he obeys every command.but the first 5 months he made me made, he won't even turn when I called out his name. now we are the best buddies he is 7 months old now. He has good guarding instincts too.

Best of luck with your dog.
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By Gopal Krishna · 09 Apr 2010 11:28 pm
hi Gyannendra,
First I would Like to share few Information:

1. If dogs don't listen and do things on their own that means there is no authority... When I say authority It means dog has alpha instinct and the dog owner is a pack member than a pack leader in the dog's eyes.

2. Barking on other animal is an aggressive behavior and Its is not right.

3. Labs were not developed as a Guard Dog... They were developed for retrieving and that is why they called Retriever and being nice with people is not wrong. But they can be taught to be a Guard Dog because all dogs are very possessive about their territory.

4. There is a misconception about Guard Dogs and Protection Dogs... even a Chihuahua and Pomeranian are also a guard dogs... guard dogs are those dogs who barks and alert their owner in case of any breach in their territory.

5. Dogs never gets too old to learn new things.

6. Gaining weight doesnt mean your dog will healthy... beware labs gets obese very easily... the perfect health is when you cant see the ribs of dog but can feel it by touching...

now lets talk about your problem...
biting is very common problem with labs...
1. they are very energetic dogs so make sure you give her plenty of workout... else they will be destructive... like biting and digging... if your dogs bite households then just take her to the thing... hold her by on neck firmly and say no or stop when she you caught her biting in a commanding voice... like we say no or stop to children...

2. teach her few basic commands like sit and down... down is a very powerful command in dog world... it means submission... and it develops an image of alpha in dog's mind

3. If she barks when someone at the door or gate praise her by saying GOOD GIRL and pet her, but don't allow excessive barking... because it will annoy you and your neighbors.

In case you wont be able to correct her then hire a trainer... practical is always better than theory...

Learn your dogs heritage... it will help you to understand why and what they were bred for... A mastiff cant run as fast a whippet can... so you cant expect a mastiff to run very fast... I hope you understand... Its hard for me to explain everything in writing :)

hope i was informative
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By Puneet Sharma · 10 Apr 2010 2:48 am
Great inputs Gopal...!!

You know what Gyanender, I would suggest you get a little more info from your vet, friends, online about Labs... They are damn adorable your queries / issues dont seem to be with your dog, rather the breed brother! ;) No offences meant... This is how Labs are... Crazy, loving Dogs... My Labs still dont realise they're no longer pups & they want me pick them up in my lap, but then thats the good part :)
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By shreyank · 10 Apr 2010 9:51 am
Hi gyanendra,
i hv a 6.5 month old lab osacr n he still bites bcoz he is teethin.. i also went through d same phase dat u r in... bt things r gettin betta... i consulted his vet n she told me dat dogs generally stop bitin by 9 months.. evn i had kept a trainer for him n he has changed immensely... its jus his bitin habit dat vl take tym.. i wud suggest dat keep a trainer for her wen she is 5 month old n nt b4 dat.... n its gud dat ur lab doesnt bark at other dogs... give her proper exercise.. play fetch n search wid her .. dat vl keep her occupied... n regarding food, wad food do u feed her??? its betta to keep her fit n lean rather dan make her obese..
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By Lucky · 20 Apr 2010 8:05 am
really nice suggestions Mr. Gopal !!!
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