I recently noticed a degree of lameness when he tried to get up,help?

Hello I am an owner of a 5 1/2 month old Labrador male puppy. I live in Hyderabad, India. I recently noticed a degree of lameness when he tried to get up and constant whining and shifting of position while sleeping. On examination the veterinarian doctor has diagnosed him with Hip Dysplasia. She has prescribed him to be on medication and regulated exercise. After extensive research online, I have come to the conclusion that surgery is the most effective method of treatment. And since he is young, can be done without much trouble. Can anyone please, PLEASE let me know if there is surgical treatment available anywhere in India as there is none available in Hyderabad. Is there anyone I can possibly send photographs of his X ray's to, to diagnose and offer a second opinion as to whether he can manage with medication? Thank you...
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From what I know Hip Dysplasia usually settles down with age. I am not aware of any place in India that does surgeries for this condition. My sister's lab has the same problem and she has managed it with homeopathy and she also gives him paya i.e. hooves of the goat which she boils and feeds him. You must remove the hard bones though but keep the soup and cartilage for him to eat. Hope this helps
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did u get the surgery done for ur dog?plz let me know since i have to get it done for my dog....m cnfused regarding whom to approach...plz mail me at gmail. or contact me at 09245230299
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Surgery is recommended for dogs that are severely affected with HD. If it's a young puppy, this condition can be corrected through oral medicines. These medicines can correct this condition and make the puppy's life better in the latter phase.
Your Vet may not prescribe a surgery for puppy. You can feed Beaphar's HD to your dog. It's a little expensive and you may have to feed it for 2 years.
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3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-owner-5-12-month-old-labrador-male-puppy-live-hyderab
If your dog requires a surgery, you can search for dog surgeons in your state. You may take your dog to the Veterinary college of your respective states. In Delhi, this service is available in with Max Vets and also with other dog specialists.
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3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/hello-owner-5-12-month-old-labrador-male-puppy-live-hyderab
hi,,,one of my vet friend from uk sent me this info for a 1 year golden retriever of my friend in bangalore that had HD...

The idea at this stage is to restrict exercise - lead only, limit food intake and thereby limit growth (he is more skeletally mature at 12 months so this should not be a major factor) and pain relief medication - non steroidal for about 6 weeks continuous should give a good response. Generally by about 15months of age the joint has stabilised and the pain will subside. He will still need to make sure he keeps the dog's exercise steady and not allowed to overexert say at the weekend and do very little during the week. Watch the dog's weight as well and keep lean.
Surgical options at this point - I would say are generally not indicated. TPO is an option but this dog may be a little old for that now. Conservative/medical tx should suffice.
With hip dysplasia, then when he gets older he will start to suffer from painful hips again (middle-age to old dog). Use the guidance of your vets there as to what the best approach at each stage is. Some dogs benefit from surgery some manage without. The best surgical option here for old dogs with knackered hips is total hip replacement. Not sure if that is available in india. It is ofcourse very expensive surgery. Not to worry about that at this stage though.
In terms of what medication in particular - Nsaids like carprophen (?rimadyl/carprieve) should be widely available there? it is in available in Kenya. Go with what your vet has to offer. Whatever is used - use for atleast 4-6 weeks continuous rather than on and off. Also joint supplements can be beneficial if you can get the right stuff. Lot of glucosamine on the high street but most are rubbish. We use synoquin here in the UK which is a good product. Not cheap though.
Good luck with this. And I know you wouldn't but I have to say - do not breed from this dog.
Btw TPO stands for triple pelvic osteotomy
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