My 5 years old Labrador is suffering from vomiting. Please suggest treatment?

Hello my pet's name is Caesar - breed Labrador. He is 5 yrs old . he is suffering from vomiting since 2 month. every night around 2-3 am he vomit. i cant find out the cause. plz suggest me treatment. liver tonic given since one month. deworming done. wen i gave him tablet he become allryt than after 2-3 days again start vomiting.

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Hi Rashi

If Caesar has been constantly vomiting, we would suggest that you d visit a vet to rule out any abdominal or intestinal or liver infections. Vomiting is not a good sign for any pet. Also, please do not administer any medication without consulting a vet.

We hope Caeser gets well real soon!

Team DogSpot

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