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I reside in gurgaon and am looking for a home for my 1.4 yrs old golden retriever,help?

Hello , I reside in gurgaon and am looking for a home for my 1.4 yrs old golden retriever. he is a beautful dog, fully vaccinated > i am looking for a good home for him ie someone with a fram house or lots of open space. the reason i am giving him for adoption is that he thinks he is a alpha male and can be very moody at times. I have a 11 yr old son so cannot afford a agressive dog at home>. i would strongly recommed him as a very good guard dog specially if u dont have kids at home. i had him castrated last month so as to calm him down> he is a very beautiful dog as i take him for regular exercise ie half hr run in the the morning and evening -he is beautifully toned with no hint of fat. should anyone be interested ps call me on 9582708423. thanks . shanoo

By shanoo 08 Aug 2011 7:09 pm


By Navjot Singh 09 Aug 2011 8:59 am
Hi why dont u seek help of a dog trainner in ur area.they can ratify this problem. U hv spent fortune in his care,spent hours exercising him,i dont think he sud b parted from ur family.
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By chandrakant bhagwat 11 Aug 2011 10:03 pm
dear in this regard i would advise you to watch everyday night 9 to 10pm show of Ceasar Millan " DOG WHISPERER, in which he shows the methods to contrl the dog aggression, simply by his method of EXERCISE,DICIPLINE AND THEN AFFECTION in that priority. i hope you will learn a lot
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By satya 06 Sep 2011 11:32 pm
Yes Mr.Navjot and Mr.Chandrakant are right .You can opt for training rather then giving him away.Specially Golden's are very much trainable and about the training tips contact a very good trainer of your locality(check before approaching them about the knowledge and experience,Because a wrong method of training will make the situation worst) or can check with a canine behaviorist and keep your option of putting him for adoption in last.
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By vinita 15 Oct 2011 1:58 am
I want ur dog & love to have a Golden retrevier. but i also agree with all 3 above, u have to see that ceser milans show his new timing is 8 at night mon-fri it is really very very helpfull & with simple step u can make him back to his follower position i was also having that problem with my dober man mix but now he is better & going to best. plss try to work little bit more & u will be happy that u have that nice dog with u. but after that u want to give plzzz give me.......
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By robby 18 Nov 2011 5:24 am
@shanoo....... m also from gurgaon from wildlife conservation society as animal trainer n handler in delhi zoo if u want some tips then i give it to u any time u can mail me at my mail address servinganimals@gmail.com . recently we just started Wildlife Savior (A Courtesy To Animals) helpline to help animals ..... and @navjot singh i read ur comments nice man keep it up
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