How to control my dog aggression andremove habit?

Hello Team, I play with my 4 month old Dogue with Rope. Usually i do tug-of war with her. Now-a-days she comes to bite to everyone. But when i give her my finger in her mouth she tries to pull the finger. Is it because of the tug-of-war that i play with her. Can any one suggest me what can be done in order to stop this habit of her? When i say her not to do and try to hold her she becomes kind of aggressive. Please suggest me prevention and stop this habit of her. Thanks and Regards, Frank.
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For dogs biting is part of playing and they dont understand that it hurts. To decrease the biting habit, whenever the dog starts biting, yelp (as you are in pain), say no and stop doing whatever you are doing with the example playing. With time they will understand that it is a negetive thing to bite. Also most of the dogs have this urge to chew, so you can give her some stuffed toys and hard bone to chew, as it will complete their urge to chew.. Whatever you do, pleas do not hit or leash them as punishment as it will make your dog confused and thus angry.
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